A night stand, also called a night table or bedside table, is a small table or cabinet designed to stand beside a bed or elsewhere in a room. At nighttime its main purpose is to sit next to your bed for essentials. Some come with a table top, some provide drawers or shelves for extra storage space, and some even have retractable trays for your lamp and books while laying in bed reading. While night stands bring you a lot of conveniences and amenities, you should keep in mind preventing them from being too large and bulky; you do not want to make your bedroom appear off balanced.

Apart from their functional importance, night stands complete your bedroom décor. Without night stands by your bed side, your bedroom is just lacking that something special and will appear emptier. A perfectly designed nightstand will be a smaller size and equalize the balance of the room with detail. The goal is to have the tables, bed, dressers, and your other entire furniture set match perfectly in style, color, and finish. It should be a perfect balance and amaze people and yourself when you walk through your bedroom door, like peaceful harmony.

It is vital to have good sturdy tables in your home being that they are the most used furniture in your bedroom. Wood is the best option to go for because they are built the sturdiest. You can get wood tables purchased in oak, pine, walnut, maple, wicker and cherry. There are also other options such as glass, marble, and many different varieties of metals.

It is very important to have good sturdy furniture in your bedroom because it adds elegance to your house; it's a necessity to place your personal items on; and for the decorative factor such as mirrors, plants, and pictures.

Side tables can be used for other purposes in the home also, such as the kitchen if you need a place to store cookbooks and utensils, entry way if you do not have enough space to place a full size table, or even in your living room if it is a small area and cannot fit a full size coffee table. Just remember the possibilities are endless and decorate and place these tables as you feel they are suitable to your interior design scheme.

The bedroom is such a sweet and important part of your life, please do some great research and investigation before you design your bedroom and purchase your perfect night stand.

Source by Carrie Geist