Garden lighting improves the design of your landscape especially at night. It comes with wide range of style to give emphasis on the different features of your garden. Garden landscape lighting provides safe means for guests to navigate the entrance towards your home.

Meanwhile, upon planning on engaging yourself in project like this, it will be a smart act if you mull over advantages and disadvantages of the device.

Advantages of solar garden lighting:

One of the solar landscape lighting advantages is easy installation. This is a lighting system that does not require skillful electricians to clasps and hook wires and cables around your garden. Solar landscape lighting is absolutely wireless! You can just merely position the lights wherever you desire and the sun will be in charge in powering them up so when the evening approaches your garden will glow with lights.

Another advantage is the convenience. Since the device is does not require wiring, transferring lights from one area to another is now possible. And this job comes with ease! It is for this reason that you don't have to return all the cables and wires which are the features of electrical lighting system. You can also position the lights on the spot where it can receive more sunlight to produce more light at night. In addition, solar landscape lighting can be brought inside the house if storms or other harsh weather phenomenon came. If you have decided to modify some aspects of your landscape, the lights can go along with the modification having no fuss at all.

And the most remarkable and the most enjoyable characteristic of solar landscape lighting is that it saves money! There will be no extra bill for cables or wires. And also there will be no receipt from electrician even if you are not good at electrical work. The best part is savings from electrical bill!

Indispensable disadvantages also come with solar landscape lighting.

One of these disadvantages is the initial cost. The operation of solar landscape light is really free because the energy that will be utilized comes directly from the sun. However, the initial cost for the fixture will mean big bucks especially if the area is big. But you need not to worry because the initial cost for fixtures will not be followed by maintenance cost because in maintaining the device all you need is occasional cleaning.

Another disadvantage would be the dependability. Weather changes from time to time. So, when the weather shifts from sunny to foggy, rainy, stormy or snowy, the energy to gather in order to generate the solar landscape lighting will be very little. Although some kits of this device come with back up batteries, still these are not enough. These back up batteries offer dimmer lights and with shorter duration.

On a lighter note, even though solar landscape lighting has its disadvantages still the advantages from which the homeowners can benefit are incomparable!

So enjoy different scenery of your garden at night. Thanks to solar garden spot lights.


Source by Brian I Park