Fine china sets are considered as a form of art more than a functional plate where you usually use to hold your food or eat from it. Moreover, they are often used on special occasions and used to serve food and make them look elegant. On the other hand, there are fine china sets that are used not mainly to hold food items but are used to decorate your rooms such as your kitchen and dinning room to make the rooms more appealing to the eyes.

What is great about fine china sets is that they do not follow any design standards. In fact, fine tableware sets can have a modern look to it or can have a classical look. In any case, it does not matter what kind of design they have as long as they look beautiful to the eye.

There are a lot of china sets that are sold in the market. There are sets made from porcelain and bone but, then again, if you are planning to buy them for the purpose of either decorating your home or using them to serve food, you might find the task challenging. There are a lot of brands of china that are sold in the market, but here are some of the favorite china wares found in china stores everywhere.

Rosenthal Fine china

Rosenthal fine china is made by a German company that excels in making glass, porcelain or ceramic wares. In fact, Rosenthal has been around for quite some time now and has been considered as top of the line china sold all over the world. The characteristics of Rosenthal china are that they are made from quality materials and that their designs are more attuned towards aesthetics. For this reason, Rosenthal china looks too good to be used as dinnerware, thus they are more often used for decorative show-pieces.

Denby china

Denby china is unlike other dinnerware sets, since it combines interesting and sumptuous design as well as quality and functionality. All Denby china has versatile designs that range from contemporary to classical pieces. In fact, Denby china combines chic, contemporary design and elegant aesthetics which makes this particular brand of china perfect for plating food as well as for decorating your kitchen or dining room. Denby china is considered as practical ways to decorate your room.

Franciscan china

The Franciscan china is made by a Californian company since 1934 and has become popular ever since. In fact, Franciscan china is influenced by Western and Spanish cultures that are numerous in California during this era. What is great about Franciscan china is that you will be able to tell a particular design whether it belongs to them or not by means of looking at their designs. All Franciscan china has a very distinct design that is centered on floral designs.

Johnson Bros china

Johnson Bros china is basically a British tableware that consists from dinner plates to tea cups. What makes Johnson Bros china noteworthy is that they are the first to introduce semi porcelain tableware. Basically, Johnson Bros china popularized the basic whiteware which is a very durable than most types of china. If you are looking for elegant yet cheap tableware, then you should buy Johnson Bros china for your kitchen.

Noritake fine china

A lot of china enthusiasts have been considering on buying Noritake fine china for reasons that they appeal a lot to the public. In fact, Noritake fine china has been bringing high quality china in the market. They have been around since 1904 therefore they have been making fine quality china and have been selling them in the market. Noritake fine china varies from porcelain to whiteware which provides a lot of clients with options in choosing fine china. Noritake fine china is very elegant to look at.

Source by Mary Franklin