Categories for the Indoors

Small and Medium Indoor Models

Minka Aire has a considerable range of compact ceiling fans which are great for small and medium sized rooms. There is a good mix of classic and contemporary designs within the product range. For an unconventional and rarely seen model, buyers can also look at the Gyro collection, which has two twin turbofans mounted radially on the fan head. These were very popular in the 1930s for their high air output and novel looks. The twin turbofans rotate around the fan head at controllable speeds. Traditional Gyro is a variant with bronze finish and intricate metalwork on the fan cover and other parts.

Large Indoor Models Minka Aire's bravest designs are to be found among large indoor fans. The firm tied up with leading industrial designer George Kovacs to create the unique Cirque fan. The blades are oval and asymmetrically arranged, making it look like a piece of metal art when still. The head looks very streamlined, with the lower half remaining fixed unlike most fans. The George Kovacs Artemis creation combines natural influences to create a very wavy three-blade design that appears to merge seamlessly with the fan head. Other striking designs are Acero, Airus, Bolo and Como.

Outsize Indoor Models

Outsize ceiling fans having blade spans above 58″ are needed to ensure proper air circulation in large spaces like galleries and lobbies. Some of the popular designs are Kafe XL, Kola XL, Gilera, Napoli II and Mode.

Outdoor Range

Outdoor fans are specially built to handle humidity and dampness effectively. The blades, body and motor parts are treated to prevent corrosion damage. Wet rated ceiling fans are most suited for patios and porches. Minka Aire sells a wide range of outdoor ceiling ventilators from its popular design ranges.

Small and Medium Outdoor Ranges

Small and medium outdoor models from Minka Aire have a blade span between 35″ to 57″. The Traditional Concept and Java ventilators show contemporary influences in their design, while the Sundowner and Craftsman have more ornate and traditional designs. Gyro is another series also available as a retro choice.

Large Outdoor Ranges

These ceiling fixtures from Minka Aire's have a blade span above 58″. The models on offer are Slipstream and Concept I. Slipstream is available in Brushed Nickel, Flat White, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Koa and Flat White. The Concept 1 is available in white Brushed Nickel Wet and Oil Rubbed Bronze color finishes.

Hugger Fans

Hugger fans by Minka Aire are suited for installation in rooms with low ceilings, since they can be directly mounted without a down rod. They come in both indoor and outdoor configurations. They also come with inbuilt mini-can halogen lights which offer powerful down lighting. This helps buyers avoid having to install a separate ceiling light in a cramped room. Some of the popular hugger fans are Concept II Flush available in 44″ and 52″ blade spans, Delano and Spacesaver. Concept II and Delano can be ordered in color finishes like Pewter, Polished Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Flat White.

Source by Grisel Herrick