Dinnerware sets are not just used for dinners as the word says. Dinnerware refers to the set of plates, bowls, spoon and fork or in simple terms refers to dishes. Dishes are used for eating and for serving food. A person that loves cooking and adores food wants their dishes to be useful and stay longer. We will review about the different types of dinnerware that are available today.

There are times that dinnerware are not just used for serving food or for eating. It is sometimes locked in a cabinet arranged properly with a specially designed rack to hold them in place. When I went to my grandmother's house for a birthday party, I went to her kitchen to help her prepare the food. I saw a lot of plates and bowls, different types and designs of spoons and forks all displayed in a beautiful wooden antique cabinet. I asked her if I can wash those plates and use them for the guests. She strongly disagree and said that those plates are valuable and never been used and just for a display because it is her collection and costs a fortune.

Aside from displaying expensive plates in the cabinets, a chef for example, wants his dinnerware to be durable or depending on the event and its uses. Paper plates for example are more convenient and affordable for picnics rather than using a plate made of ceramics which are heavy. Ceramic plates on the other hand are used for display or in special occasion like a formal dinner. Our ancestors use a carved stone or wood as a plate. Although, stones are not anymore used today but wooden plates are still used in some restaurants to go with the theme. Plastic plates are more popular today in most households because of durability, it is cheaper and is lighter when washed.

Moreover, spoon and fork are usually made of plastic or metal. Plastic spoon and fork just like paper plates are used in picnics and parties because it is lighter and convenient. Metal spoon and fork are used in household and restaurants. Some restaurants do not provide spoon and fork, either they are Chinese and Japanese restaurants or they want their food eaten by hand. There more modern utensil today that is a combination of spoon and fork which they call a spork. Spork looks more of a spoon but has spikes at the end.

Dinnerware sets or dishes nowadays have different forms and types that serve different purposes. So, make sure that if you are buying one it should fit your need whether it will be used or just for a display.

Source by Lam Bong