It is where we prepare the food, wash dishes, eat and socialize. It is the hub of the house, the nerve center if you will, and the place where inevitably everyone ends up whether you are throwing a dinner party or just a normal Tuesday dinner.

It is your kitchen and it should reflect your personality and tastes just like any other room in the house. They say that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and there is no wonder why as it's the busiest, the messiest and usually the one that houses the most ‘stuff'. With so many options out there it's hard to narrow down what you want in a dream kitchen, so here are just a few ideas to help you along.

A kitchen island can be a godsend, especially if you need more counter and storage space. An island can be mobile or fixed and can even offer a different space for your sink. They are great places to store items, great areas for a breakfast bar or homework place and they complete the look of the kitchen while being ultra functional in the process.

Custom cabinets can make your space shine and use every inch of space that you want, as they are made on a project by project basis. If you want soaring cabinets that go to the ceiling, that's what you get, if you need a slim slider for trays and flat items to fit in just the right spot, you can get that too. All custom, all just for you. All a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

Sun rooms are great additions to any kitchen as they double as dining rooms or breakfast nooks. Imagine your kitchen flooded with light and having all that extra room for entertaining or simply enjoying the great outdoors from inside. Most sun rooms today can be used year round and add all important square footage to your home regardless of where they are situated. Since kitchens get so much use, it is always a good plan to create more space there.

New hardware. While it may seem a simple thing, getting new hardware for existing cabinets can make the whole kitchen seem new again. Going one step further and refinishing cabinets can alter the whole look of the room too, and getting new light fixtures and/or plumbing fixtures can also transform the look without breaking the budget.

Source by Amanda J Hales