Water is life.

No exaggeration in the above statement. Technology can stop mindless wastage of water and avoid a major humanitarian crisis. If we want to save earth, we have to save water. Can technology save water? It sounds a little strange but technology can go along way to conserve water and save the living planet called earth. Next time when you buy a faucet or shower for your bathroom, you can always opt for the green technology and do your bit for our lovely planet.

Technology that saves water!

As a leading global manufacturer of bath fittings, we are conscious of our duties. Saving water as it is precious natural resource has always been the main goal of our conservation efforts to help save the earth for our children. Go Green is a motto adopted by as a principle behind its design and manufacturing system to conserve water.

Flow Restrictors

This is a out-of-the- world technology that lets your faucets and showers save up to 80% of water without affecting on the water-flow. Flow Restrictors vary the flow in low as well as high pressure and give the same voluminous flow in all conditions.

Air Showers

Air Showers have an internal air mixer that creates air and water in a way that makes water drops larger using less water. This out-of-the- world technology makes it possible for Air Showers to consume 30% less water while giving a lovely showering experience. Select from a wide variety of Hand and Overhead Air Showers with single and multi-flow options. Enjoy your bath but also save water.

Pressmatic Taps

Faucets with mechanism that releases only a defined quantity (750 ml) of water to come out with every tap on the faucet. Pressmatic not only reduces water wastage but also is very easy to use. Pressmatic Taps are advised for public bathrooms with a large number of people coming and going, like eateries, clubs, hotels, schools and other educational institutions, hospitals, airports, etc.

Sensor Taps

Taps with mechanism that releases water only when you require it and stops it immediately when a person moves his/her hands away,thus conserving water. This is also provided in public bathrooms so that no water is wasted while a person is lathering his/her hand.Zero water wastage is our prime motto.Suggested for and mostly used by places like Cinema halls, hospitals, schools and colleges, hotels and restaurants.

Source by Madhumita Banerjee