Parenting is the toughest job any man or woman could have after they got married and have children. As the old saying say, good manners should start at home and that parents should be their first teacher.

Basically, children tend to look after what adults do inside their homes. They observe things on their own while most parents remain clueless of that. For these little kids, one special household chore that usually stay on their minds is preparing the dining table during family meal. They got fascinated at how those utensils, rounded plates and glass are being arranged on the table and how the family enjoy during meals while using that dinnerware.

No wonder it is the same small chores that pre schools normally teach their students once they started attending class. While there are parents, mostly moms, who teach their children of how to prepare the table during mealtime, there are also those who are hesitant and reserved about the idea. It is simply because they fear that their children might accidentally drop their expensive or precious dinnerware. Now, that reason is acceptable but on the other hand, there are ways to solve this dilemma if only parents are really willing to teach their children.

And here comes the rise of eco friendly food service! There are wide array of choices from single use to re-usable types. Biodegradable plates and cutleries are often made of pulp, reeds and sometimes sugar canes that are proven to be safe not just for your little ones but to our environment as well. Parents don't have to worry about broken plates and their children's safety while they learn their way on setting up the table. Eco friendly plates are normally lightweight and can stand the heat or coldness of the food.

The motor skills that a child can get from this simple activity aside from the good moral value that can be learned from it could never be possible without the help of eco friendly food service.


Source by Noemi Zenitram