As its name, down comforter is something that will give you the comfort that you need in cold weather. This is a breathable and soft insulator for your body that will keep you warmth and comfort. You will find that this can be used for years.

You can make your own down comforter with basic sewing skills that you have. You will find that this is a great way to save your money since you do not have to buy highly cost down comforter in the market. The following steps will show you on how to make down comforter by your own.

First step

You should buy two sheets of fabric with the size of bed that you have in your house. In this matter, you should choose the patterns and the colors that suit the décor of the room. You can buy two different patterns to make the comforter that you will make reversible. After you get them, pin them together with the right side so that you will create a large bag. Make sure that the bag is inside out.

Second step

You should stitch the four sides of the bag together. But, you should leave 8-inch gap in one of the sides. Then, since the bag position is inside out, you should turn it back to the right position. You should do it gently by pushing the fabric trough the 8-inch gap that you left.

Third step

You should stuff the down into the sack that you have made. For this, you can use duck or goose down. Make sure that you use enough down to make a certain thick of comforter that you want. After the down is stuffed, you should close the opening gap by sewing it.

Fourth step

You should lay the comforter that you have made on a flat large surface. You should distribute the down inside the comforter. After it is distributed well, you should sew the comforter lengthwise and crosswise so that it will create squares 12 inches on each side. Now, you will have the comforter that you can use every time you need it.


Source by Darnell X Hardin