Contemporary home owners always have their own take on design trends, and for getting a new look, you don't always need to invest a fortune. Every year, we have a series of trends emerging from varied design books, and these trends can give a few good ideas to create the perfect home. In this post, we will talk of the best four interior design ideas that are definitely worth trying and are not limited to a year.

Add a kitchen island

If you check any of the high-end residential architecture plans and home interiors, you will find that the kitchen island is a stylish yet functional addition. It can serve as the counter for all the kitchen work, double up as a dining space when needed and can be the ideal place to stock some of the table essentials, fruits and dips. You can talk to any known design company, and depending on the space available, you can create a small or an extended kitchen island.

Statement mirrors

Large, sophisticated and stylish statement mirrors should make way into your home right away. Mirrors have the ability to add light and dimension to every room, and you can place a few in the corridors or even in living rooms. Keep in mind that this is more of an aesthetic idea, so it is essential to avoid overdoing the idea. There are some amazing online stores that sell statement mirrors of all sizes, including smaller variants that can adorn a free bathroom wall. Make sure to experiment with vintage frames, or you can even choose a few of the contemporary designs.

Matching appliances

Gone are times when you would just choose random appliances for your kitchen and other rooms. Currently, home owners are spending on advanced collections, where the idea is to match the color, texture and metal look of the appliances for a more uniform look. Of course, this is a big consideration, and you might want to take the help of an interior expert before taking the final move. Keep in mind that having a theme can come handy for the purpose. As for finishes, look for more shiny metal looks, which can uplift the existing theme, especially when you don't want big changes.

Accenting elements

Well, you already know by now that summers need a splash of colors, but this is not a trend limited to a season. Accenting elements like curtains, recliners, cushions, upholstery can used rotated and changed in a variety of ways to get the right look. In fact, this is an amazing idea that can fit almost any budget. The only idea to note here is to use two or three colors or balanced prints. If you end up using too many different elements, there may be more confusion in the look; something can ruin the overall theme symmetry.

With these ideas, you don't need to follow any rule book to design your home. Just take some time for planning, and you should be good to go.

Source by Po Ku