The Cabana Bonavita Crib Collection comes with classic, elegant styling that's been crafted to the highest standards. It's convertible, which means it will grow as your child grows. The Cabana will be the very heart of your child's nursery.

Bonavita cribs are a subsidiary of LaJobi Industries – an Italian company that has been making nursery furniture for over 15 years. They have a well established reputation of makers of fine infant furniture, bringing together both quality materials and craftsmanship.

The company only uses the finest hard woods. The most preferred is European beech wood. Beech is preferred because it is naturally hard wearing, is easily worked with and stains well. The company also uses spruce and rubber wood; rubber wood is liked because it isn't prone to warping. Yellow birch wood is sometimes used as is Cherry (an expensive wood but with an unmatched reddish brown hue).

The company currently makes 3-in-1 and lifetime cribs: it calls its collection of lifetime cribs ‘LifeStyle'. The LifeStyle collection will accommodate your child as they grow; each is convertible and changes from crib, to toddler bed, day bed, to full size bed complete with headboard and footboard. The Cabana is a lifetime crib.

The Bonavita Cabana has a timeless, classic design reminiscent of Caribbean days of long ago. It looks solid but its gentle curvaceous lines give it a lighter look and feel. There is a simple carved panel on the footboard that matches the carved detail on the top rail of the headboard. The sturdy look is reinforced with the use of rounded, pear-shaped feet. The slats are simple and unadorned and are on all four sides. The fluted legs are a real eye catcher and give the crib an old-fashioned look.

The Cabana comes in either Antique White or Montego Brown. The Montego Brown is a very rich color that has a real depth to it. The dimensions are 33″w x 60″l x 48″.

What's good about this crib from Bonavita is that the guard rail is included. This isn't usual with other brands. Unfortunately, the headboard post attachments, bed rails and mattress are sold separately, so you're going to have to pay more on what is already an expensive piece of furniture. However, buying the additional items will save you money in the long term as this still works out cheaper than buying toddler and full size beds separately.

Other collections of Bonavita cribs include the Chadwick, the Heritage, Hudson, Sheffield and Peyton. The Bonavita Nikki crib is the latest offering. It's another sturdy looking piece of nursery furniture that's been built to last. It comes in two unusual finishes of Butterscotch and Blackberry; the checker board design on the headboard is an eye-catching piece of design.

The Bonavita Cabana is nice but is there anything to be said against it? Well, it is expensive. You can buy other brands of convertible cribs for less and, in all honesty, they're just as well made and come in an array of finishes and designs. Personally, I like the Cabana a lot, but whether you choose to buy one or another brand will come down to your taste in design. Many people prefer more modern styles of crib and, for some its overall look will be too ‘heavy' or too ‘stylized'.

But if you're looking for something that evokes a long gone exotic time and place, the Bonavita Cabana crib may be the perfect choice.


Source by Robin Cassidy