Quite a few people prefer to buy stainless steel appliances for daily use for it is long lasting and can be cleaned and used again and again. However the flip side is that if you do not know how to clean and maintain them shining well, it can start looking dull and get stains all over. Knowing more about this subject might help you to maintain them.

Stainless steel has very good heat transfer and conducting properties, besides being resistance to corrosion due to the steel coating. This is the reason why it is makes ideal for home use in kitchen for daily use. On the other hand steel vessels can get dirty very fast and the surface can get marred with fingerprint and blotches making it look dirty.

If you check out the steel utensils you will see a few lines or patterns, which are basically following the grain structure of the steel coating. If you clean the vessel in the same direction of the grain structure, you will find it gets cleaned easily and shines better.

Stainless tell utensils easily tend to accumulate and show up watermarks as well as finger prints making the surface look dirty. To avoid this problem, wash them with mild detergent and water, then wipe the utensil dry immediately after washing and store it inside the cabinet and away from dust. You can wipe them with semi-wet cloth when you want to use them.

Always remember to use soft piece of cloth while wiping the steel utensils for they can scratch very easily and loose their shine. Do not use scouring pad or any fabric or material with hard surface that is likely to scratch. If the wiping cloth becomes wet after cleaning a few utensils, then use a fresh dry wipe for the rest of the utensils and do not leave any water trace behind.

It is very easy to remove and clean the watermarks and fingerprints on the steel utensils. One can either use glass cleaners which are ideal for this purpose for they not only clean the surface but form a protective coating as well against further blotches or you can make your own cleaning agent by mixing 50 ml of distilled vinegar with half liter of water and spray on the utensils. Thereafter wipe them clean with dry piece of cloth. In no time you will find the surface clean and shining again.

If you do not like using these home remedies and wish to buy a ready made cleaner, you will find a lot of options in the detergent or cleaning agent's section in the super markets. You might want to buy a very small portion first to try it out and see if you like it.

Hope with these tips you will find it easier to maintain and clean your stainless steel utensils. Always remember using stainless steel utensils you save on energy, they are easy to clean, they are good to look at and long lasting too.

Source by Heather Matthews