You can avoid expensive remodeling of your bathroom by opting to install a bathroom vanity. There are several advantages in doing so based on the uses provided below:

* The main purpose of a bathroom vanity is to get a mirror and a sink unit fitted with drawers and shelves to store your toiletries. This will essentially remove clutter in your bathroom, thereby giving it a neater look.

* A bathroom vanity needs to be chosen based on its usage. A single vanity can be useful for smaller bathrooms whereas a master bathroom needs double vanity to cater to the needs of the entire family. A double vanity also provides more storage space that can help organize your bathroom in a better way. Vanity units in guest areas need not be elaborate since people need them only to freshen up.

* A modern vanity unit in a bathroom can dramatically change the look and feel of the place if it matches with the rest of the décor and generally fits in the place you have chosen to install it. Contemporary bathroom vanities are stylish, thereby increasing the aesthetic quotient of any bathroom. Bathrooms these days have become more than just utility areas. They need to match up with the rest of your house décor too.

* A bathroom vanity can be installed on the floor or mounted on the wall, depending upon the space you can provide. Base units provide more storage space since they have counter tops along with cabinets whereas the wall-hanging varieties come with limited space for storing your essential items.

* While the functionality of a bathroom vanity remains basic, it must also serve the purpose of being cost-effective while giving an aesthetic look to your bathroom. A vanity unit should be chosen while keeping this essential point in mind.

Apart from the functions and utilities, it is important to look at the style and pattern for this, since it has to fit into the place assigned for it, and also turn your bathroom into a more glamorous unit. There are various materials, colors and patterns to choose from. The different materials that bathroom vanities come in are glass, metal, wood, acrylic or granite. You can choose antique, ornate or contemporary designs in case you are looking for fancier vanity units.

However, it is important to note that the chosen design and color, should match with the entire décor of your bathroom as well as serve its main purpose of holding a sink and mirror as well as providing storage space.

Source by Ruth Caldon