Are you thinking about replacing your bathroom faucet assembly? If you are, I highly recommend that you install a bronze bathroom faucet assembly. Bronze was one of the metals utilized in in the earliest of restrooms, spanning back for many centuries. In recent years, newer varieties of metals faucets, such as as, have largely replaced bronze faucets. However, an increasing number of people are going back to the timeless elegance of bronze.

Tired of having to scrub your supposed stainless steel, or chrome faucet? Over time, these kinds of faucets appear worse regardless of how much upkeep you give them. This is not an issue with bronze. Bronze, with good care, actually appears better as it gets older. This is largely the result of its inherent dark color, so stains mix in.

Bronze is far more robust than the majority of other types of faucets. Take, stainless steel for instance. A large component of stainless steel is iron. Iron gets brittle over time. Bronze is is copper, which are much more durable.

One major problem that a lot of other faucets have is that they scour over the years. Yeah, stainless steel doesn't “stain” however it sure is prone to scratching. And what about nickel and even chrome faucets? These would be great if they were 100%. Yet, the majority of these are merely brass, underneath a nickel or chrome plating. This means that they chip over time, which is very unattractive. Might as well purchase a brass faucet.

Bronze is less prone to have this problem. This pure element is tough, so it is extremely impervious to scratching. And in the case when it does scour, it is easily fixable with polish. Being a pure metal, you don't have to to be too concerned about peeling.

Could you think of a metal which is as ageless and sophisticated as bronze? guess no. It has an beauty like no other, favored by royalty of centuries past. Sure, other faucets have that contemporary shine. However, that shine will surely get dull eventually. Bronze has that certain rustic allure which I much rather have.

Source by Quinn R Horowitz