If you love a light, airy look in your home, cottage style décor is a perfect choice. This type of decorating allows you to create a beautiful, comfortable home even when on a budget! No matter what style of home you live in, you can transform your current look into a vintage look for very little money. Love rooms that look as though they float on the breeze? Try out this look – you're sure to love it.

The key to creating this look is to use light colors. Many people have the misconception that white is the only color used in this décor. The truth is, soft pastel shades of blue, aqua, yellow, pink and green combined with a healthy dose of white make the room light and airy, while providing interest and depth with color.

Make Great Use of Paint!

Painting is one of the most affordable things you can do to make a dramatic change in your home's appearance. With cottage style décor, don't be afraid to paint your walls one of the pastel colors mentioned above. For a truly original look, paint opposite walls only, leaving the other walls white. Trim baseboards in a contrasting shade.

Paint is great for creating furniture that looks worn as well. To create the vintage look, simply take an end table or coffee table, paint it white or a pastel color, and sand the edges lightly to give it that antique look. You can often find great bargains on small tables at flea markets and garage sales.

Surprising Floors

For most people, flooring is wood, tile or carpet. With the cottage look, wood floors are preferable. Light colored wood planks are great, but any type of wood will do. You may want to leave them as is, or paint them a shade of your choosing.

Consider stenciling the perimeter of the floor, or stencil in your own area rug for a truly unique, and absolutely inspiring, look. If you do have a carpet that is light colored, that will work. Just anchor your furnishings with vintage looking rugs.

Create Interest with Furnishings

When it comes to the furniture, you can use new or old. If using new furniture, try to keep the wood light in color. Furniture is particularly warm and inviting when upholstered in small pastel floral prints. Toss throw pillows on your sofa, and mix and match patterns. Anything you like will work!

Put your imagination to work when it comes to coffee tables and end tables. Have an old door out in the garage? Cut it down, paint, sand, stencil – do whatever you like! Add legs, and you have a coffee table unlike any other.

Accessories can be anything you like though you want to avoid is overdoing it; you don't want your rooms to look messy or cluttered. Choose a few simple pieces that you enjoy, and place them around the room. A simple white vase filled with wildflowers is perfect. Stack two or three old books on an end table, and place the vase on top. Small lamps with beaded lampshades work well too.

There really is no rhyme or reason to cottage décor. As long as you love all of the furniture and accessories you choose, it will all fall together! Have fun, and enjoy a beautiful new look that costs very little!

Source by Leon Tuberman