Converting a garage into a home gym is a great idea.

As dedicated Garage Conversion specialists we are adept at personalizing the service we offer, and proving more and more popular is the conversion of a garage into a home gym. These are come of the tips we have picked up on the way that you should use on your project.


its quite usual for us to build up the garage base to level with the existing house. On many projects this can be done with a suspended timber floor, but if converting the garage into a home gym its a must to use a solid screed. This will then be more than adequate to absorb the equipment and any free weights that you use.

Climate Control

This can depend a little on which way the room is going to face, obviously you get much more heat build up in South facing rooms subject to a lot of direct sunlight, but you should certainly consider air conditioning. A simple through the wall unit, such as the Fujitsu, costs approximately £500 and has a heating option, so can do both cooling in the Summer and heating in the Winter. They are relatively simple to install although they are noisier than a split system, which are usually more effective, but inevitably more expensive. Shop around, check out the specification and costs and then make an informed choice.

Sound Insulation

You have to consider that some equipment, such as a treadmill, can be relatively noisy, as can the clunking of free weights and so consideration should be given to the sound proofing of the interface with the existing house, any experienced contractor can easily build this in for a relatively small cost.


A workout usually goes a lot easier and quicker with the distraction of music and so building in a DVD player is a must for me, many of my clients also want a TV and even a drinks cooler as well. For any further advice about the specifics of converting a garage into a home gym feel free to contact me via my website at

The only trouble with having a home gym is that you then haven't got the excuse that you cant find the time to get there.

Source by Richard P Turner