When the sun gets hot, and you want to stay cool, don't think much just head to the pool! Summer is in full swing and taking a break from the hubbub of routine life to enjoy a pool party is the best way to have a wingding of a good time. Hosting a sizzling pool soiree for your near & dear ones will not only rev up relationships but also rejuvenates your mind. Oh, you know everything already! Can't wait to have fun in the sun? Check out the following tips right away to host a ‘splashtastic' poolside fete like a pro!

Who's on the Guest List?

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, whom should I invite of them all?”

Sure, you know hundreds of people including your neighbors, colleagues, friends & relatives, and you can't invite them all! If you do, you'll go bankrupt! Clear out your confusion by creating a list of people you know. Once you have all the names, just narrow down your guest list to close ones! Having people from different groups would jazz up the entire tone of your party! You can either send them personalized invitation cards or directly call them. However, a special invitation over a call is sure to bring a smile to their face.

Set the Right Mood with Tropical Decor

Of course, a poolside bash would need the right kind of decor that can awaken the party animal inside everyone! Nothing beats a tropical theme when you want to transform your space into an oasis. Be sure to grab the beach-inspired accents such as vibrant lanterns, artificial palm trees, colorful cushions, and sea-shells to get the eclectic bohemian look.

Modish Pool Toys

One thing a summer pool bash can't live without is undoubtedly pool toys! Go and grab some cool water blasters, beach balls, inflatable lounge chairs, pool floats, beach umbrellas, and enjoy the party to the fullest!

Belly Rules the Mind

Once you are done with the decor, it's time for you to make proper food arrangements. Beacon, steaks, pizzas, and hot dogs in the menu sound fun, right? Shush! Don't think of opting for heavy food items unless you want your guests to doze off and ruin your party! We suggest you go for finger foods and healthy snacks to keep the party enthusiasm alive all day long!

Rule the Pool by keeping it Cool

Refreshing drinks are a must to stay hydrated in the blazing hot sun! Step up your party fun by serving chilled cocktails. Grab various seasonal fruits and mix them up to prepare cool drinks for quenching the thirst of your guests. You can also give a twist to your cocktails by whipping up them with margarita and tequila. Serve with love! Cheers!

Playlist is Important

Music is the real crowd pleaser in any shindig. If you want to make your guests go gaga over your party, you got to play damn good music! If you have any confusion regarding the songs, check out the trending funky songs over the internet and create an awesome playlist without any hassle.

Exciting Volleyball Match

Let everyone enjoy a bit more than what they've expected by organizing a pool volleyball match. Just spread a net in the middle portion of your swimming pool, make two teams, and get set go!

Sunscreen Station

Now that everything is done and you are all set to throw the most memorable summer pool party, we want to remind you of something very important. Partying in the sun is fun but, your delicate skin may get badly affected if you forget to wear sunscreen. You must set up a sunscreen station along the poolside to ensure that everyone is sun safe while the party goes on. Your guests will definitely thank you for this!

Everyone Loves Surprises

Last but not the least, end the party by gifting dry towels to your guests. When your guests start to head out of the pool, give them towels to dry themselves. You can further entice them by adding a personal touch. For that, you need to get some cool towels having their names written on it. This sweet gesture is bound to make the event a memorable one!


We hope you enjoyed reading our tips! Do experiment with the above ideas and let us know how your pool party goes. Happy summer!


Source by Ella James