Sunrooms are meant to be bold, bright and comfortable places where the light streams in and warms the face during the day. But, what happens when a little privacy is desired or if that light happens to be too darn hot and even blinding? This is when it pays to have sunroom curtains in place.

There are a number of options available in window treatments for sunrooms. They range from bamboo blinds to actual custom window treatments in sheer or thick, heavy designs. Picking the right style of curtains can be important not only for helping weatherize a sunroom, but also for keeping it aesthetically pleasing.

These tips can help guide the selection process for curtains:

o Consider the specific need – Curtains are generally added to sunrooms to serve one of three main purposes. They are either meant to block the sun, keep the temperature more comfortable or to provide privacy. Some homeowners choose to have sets of curtains or window treatments that are pulled out on a seasonable basis. Bamboo blinds, for example, might be used in the summer to offer privacy and keep out heat. Thick, heavy curtains, however, can be useful on extremely cold winter nights. Both will provide a little more privacy.

o Keep convenience in mind – Curtains should be very easy to use and even remove if the desire is present. This can give a homeowner more options for the appearance of the sunroom for different occasions.

o Don't forget about aesthetics – Pick the wrong curtains on this front and a homeowner will never be happy. Blinds can work well in a number of circumstances. For glass conservatories, however, the more upscale choice of fitted curtains might better suit.

Sunroom curtains might seem like a waste, but they can come in handy in a variety of circumstances. It is important, however, to pick the right treatments for the room and purposes at hand.

Source by Paul Lyte