Are you blessed with a keen sense of style? Does this sense of style spill over into your home decorating dreams? If you only had the money to do the make over!

Even if the economy is poor you don't have to go without style in your home. There are numerous methods for decorating your home in taste and fine style without spending a bundle.

Do your bit, “go green” by looking for your furnishings in every second hand store, flea market or garage sale you can find. There are sure to be treasures hidden amongst all the other items. Be creative, with a little work a used item can become quite the center of attention. Think of this form of recycling as your contribution to a better world.

A great way to give any room a whole new look is by hanging a mirror. A mirror makes a dark room seem brighter by intensifying light. Mirrors also give smaller spaces the illusion of being larger. If you already have a mirror, why not look for a chic frame to replace the antique gilt frame for a much more up to date look. You can easily find mirror frames by looking at discount stores and yard sales and online at sites like eBay. Tip: Picture frames make super mirror frames.

It is very inexpensive to decorate using plants. If you enjoy a modern peaceful environment, bring nature into your living room with plants. Select plants that complement your d├ęcor to create a harmonious atmosphere. You don't have to invest in planters for the plants; use one of your favorite bowls or an old copper kettle you no longer use.

If you are a person who does not fear all tools and manual labor, one of the best methods of beer budget decorating is to Do It Yourself. Your home will be the beneficiary of an instant update when you change the fabric on even one important decorative furnishing. Someone with sewing skills can quite easily turn out decorative pillows and matching curtains in an afternoon to give a room a totally different look. For inexpensive fabric sources, use bed sheets or make a trip to a sale table at the local fabric store. A little time and a little imagination will reward you with a room to be proud of.

Adding a rug or replacing one is a wonderful way to draw attention from one area to another. If you have an area that is dark and gloomy, add a light colorful rug. If you want to cover a stain on the floor, cover it with a beautiful rug. Generally, if you want to highlight an area, use a smaller rug; if you want to down play the area, cover it with a larger rug. You can hide many undesirable features with rugs and conversely you can accentuate by using rugs properly. Rugs are easy to find in all colors, shapes and sizes at discount stores, thrift stores, yard sales and for the widest selection at the lowest prices, shop online.

You can have your dream home with out spending a fortune by spending wisely and doing as much by yourself as possible.

Source by Sarah Crosset