Most of us remember taking tons of pictures with 35mm cameras and somehow amassing a large collection of those little airtight, sealed canisters that the film came in. Maybe it is because I am a self-described pack-rat or due to my creative nature, but over the years I started to collect an amount of those small canisters the film came in, saving them in a bag thinking “some day I will find a use for these”.

I created a craft project for you to do with your kids or as a group project. Actually this would work with any small canister with a sealed cap if you don't have film canisters saved, I just happened to have a bag of the film ones around waiting for a reason to exist. So keep those little canisters and here is a way to recycle them, have fun with your kids, and teach them a craft project.


  • A Film Canister or similar Small Canister with Lid
  • Household Glue, Glue Gun, or preferred Adhesive
  • Sharp Scissors (adults only if younger children)
  • Loose sparkly sequins, about pencil eraser size
  • Pretty Ribbon (approximately 6″ for each ornament)


  1. Remove the cover from the film canister.
  2. Using the scissors, cut approximately a 6″ piece of ribbon. When folded in half this will be the hanger for your decoration.
  3. Using the scissors, poke a hole in the center of the cover, large enough for the ribbon to get through.
  4. Poke one end of the ribbon through the hole in the cover and make a large enough knot on that end to it won't slip back through the cover.
  5. Repeat that step with the other end of the ribbon. You now should have a loop sticking out of the hole in the film canister cover.
  6. Using the glue or adhesive, place a couple of dabs around the inside of the cover. Snap the cover back on the film canister. Now you should have the film canister with a ribbon loop.
  7. Find a place to hang the canister from, this will make it easier to access all surfaces at the same time. Using the glue or adhesive (I prefer the glue gun's ease of use), Glue the sequins in place, on the cover around the ribbon, sides, and bottom. The entire surface should be covered.
  8. Let your creation dry completely before using.

Note: I happened to make my decoration for my Christmas tree but using variations of colored sequins, you could create a hanging decoration for any holiday; such as decorating a tree branch, etc.

Source by Kathy Ayers