Everyone loves to give presents and party favors with a personal touch, but sometimes that can be a time consuming endeavor. However, you will be amazed at the things you can do with something as simple as a clear cellophane bag. Whether it's trick or treat goodies, or Christmas cookies, with your imagination, sky's the limit.

Cellophane is made out of a regenerated cellulose. It's properties include repelling air, oils, greases, and bacteria which makes it ideal for packaging food. The idea for it came about when a chemist saw wine spilled on a tablecloth and he thought that it would be a brilliant idea to come up with a cloth that instead of absorbing liquids, would repel them. It took a long time before he created what we call cellophane.

Though the most common type is clear, there are many different color options available. The color is a tint, so it keeps its transparency so you can see inside. Homemade cookies and treats take on a whole new look when you pack them in a clear colored bag, and because of cellophane's repelling properties, you don't have to worry about your hard work going stale for quite a while.

Many a busy mom finds these bags perfect for party favors at a kids birthday party. Whether you're putting confetti inside (and of course the sparkle will shine through), or stuffing it with tiny candies. Oftentimes you can find your favorite small candies sold in specific colors. This way you can fill different bags with different colors and have a wonderful display of the treats to be given away.

Some people may prefer to put treats in the clear bags and then add crinkle paper or Easter grass inside to give a completely different look to the bag and also keep a secret about what could be inside. And some children might like to draw on the outside of the bags with a permanent marker to create their own unique decoration to the wrapping.

Any gift or party favor you want to give and protect from the outside elements will be perfectly packaged in a cellophane bag. Whether you want to keep the aromas from escaping (like a sachet), or you want to keep contaminants from getting in, these bags will not only serve their function, but also allow your own style to show through. What else could you ask for?

Source by Kris Prim