For many homeowners, their list of DIY projects is quite extensive. From mending a fence to interior or exterior painting, the tools and equipment needed for various home repairs can accumulate rather quickly. It sometimes seems that if a piece of DIY equipment, such as a standard ladder, for example, can be pressed into service as a roof ladder, the homeowner might be able to save some money. Using ladders for a purpose for which they were not designed is a risky and dangerous thing to do. If you have extensive roof work to do, both DIY and safety experts recommend that you invest in a quality, special-purpose roofladder rather than engage in a chancy improvisation. Here's some information about a great roof ladder: the 18ft (5.5m) PROCAT sectional roof ladder.

About the PROCAT 18ft (5.5m) Sectional Roof Ladder

When you're trying to deploy a roof ladder safely, it's much easier to do if the ladder is made from lightweight yet strong aluminium, including the heavy duty ridge hook and ridge hook braces. Another important feature of a safe roof ladder is the shape of the stiles. On this PROCAT ladder, the stiles are oval shaped for maximum comfort and gripping ease. The ladder borrows many features from professional ladders, such as its rubber covered bearer bars, which are the parts of the ladder that hold it off the roof. Rubberised bearer bars ensure that the ladder makes good contact with the roof.

Features of the PROCAT 18ft (5.5m) Sectional Roof Ladder

The unique design of this ladder features four sections: the top, 8′ long section contains the hook. The other sections consist of a 4′ extension and two 3′ extensions. Taken together, the separate sections allow you to configure the ladder to your exact needs, while avoiding any problems with the ladder overhanging the roof of your car or van when transporting it. The ladder can be assembled in the following lengths: 8, 11, 12, 15 and 18 feet. The sectional design also makes it quite easy to store the disassembled ladder in a corner of your garage or shed, yet have it ready quickly when needed. To assemble the ladder, simply slot the desired sections together in the desired length. Unlike single section roof ladders, this ladder's customised configuration makes it much easier and safer to use. Another feature homeowners are bound to appreciate is that they can buy additional sections for the PROCAT ladder to make it even more versatile. The ladder assembles quickly and easily by way of spigot joints that are secured with bolts and wing nuts. Finally, PROCAT ladders are designed and built in the UK for professional roofing contractors, so homeowners can be certain of high performance and superior safety. Expect to pay about £159.00 for this model, but do look for pricing that includes both VAT and free delivery.

Roof ladders are important pieces of DIY gear for homeowners with extensive roofing work to do.

Source by Nichlas M Johnson