I have been into a number of apartments that did not have a coffee table. Sure, this gives an Apartmentite a little more room to move around in the living room and can help one avoid the occasional stumped toe, but it is a HUGE decorating faux pa.

Everybody needs a coffee table. Whether you are using it to rest your tootsies when you kick back on the couch and watch your favorite movie or simply using it as a surface to place your cold, frosty beverage… a coffee table is a living room necessity.

I have heard excuses like “Coffee tables take up too much space,” or “they are so boring,” which to these I say…”Make it INTERACTIVE!”

Yes, an interactive coffee table like the one above can really bring a fun atmosphere to center your living room around. Here are a couple of great ideas that I have collected through the years to make your coffee table a mecca of good times:

Nintendo Controller– See above video. I have never seen this before and I have to say that it is the best coffee table idea I have ever seen. Looks complicated, but if you can pull it off…you will have incredible times.

Poker Table– Saw down the legs of a large poker table or mount a cheap poker table top from Target on just a regular old coffee table and suddenly you have a functional poker table in the middle of your living room. The felt will be soft for your feet and most of them have cup holders built in!

White Board– Mount a small whiteboard on top of an old coffee table. Have a steady supply of whiteboard markers and an eraser on hand and you will have everything you need to play some rocking rounds of tic-tac toe!

Pac-Man– This one is expensive, but AWESOME! If you can find one of the old table top Pac-Man arcades…saw the legs off to a much lower height and center it in front of your couch.

There are a limitless number of ways to make your coffee table interactive, so if you come up with an awesome way, let us know.

Happy Coffee Table making and always be sure to MIND YOUR NEIGHBORS!

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Source by T. Huguley