There's an old saying that “Preparation is the only true Security”. In these economic times with almost 9% unemployment, oil and gas prices soaring, food costs on the rise, you have two choices: prepare for the future by taking matters into your hands, or hoping that government will bail you out if times get worse.

With a “broke” government in place, do you really have a choice at all?

As many people are starting to realize the only responsible choice is to start preparing today for any disruption – whether economic, natural or man-made disaster – that could disrupt the food supply. That's where developing your own food storage plan comes into play.

There's a lot of information about how to go about accomplishing that plan but there are also a lot of considerations to take into account:

  • How big a stored food supply do I need?
  • Do I have to can vegetable and fruits?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Will my friends think I'm crazy?
  • And many more…..

I've written extensively on this topic because with the political situation in Washington, DC it's clear to me that the next two years are going to produce nothing more than gridlock on the budget topic that is critical for our nation to survive. With one party wanting to cut spending and the other party resisting at every turn, plus a President that refuses to change the unsustainable financial path we're on, nothing will happen until after the 2012 elections.

Here's my take: we can't wait that long to prepare.

If you think it's hard now to put away extra food now for a possible need in the future, then how much harder will it be if gas prices hit $4, $5, or higher, which many experts expect as early as this summer. I'm not trying to scare anybody but you need to take a look at a few big picture facts then you decide.

  • The oil producing countries in the Middle East and North Africa are in political turmoil.
  • The cost of staple items like corn, cotton, and oil have increased dramatically in the last year
  • A 1.65 trillion dollar budget deficit this year in the USA and a total debt of 14 trillion dollars
  • A situation where only 50% of US citizens pay taxes to support the other 50%
  • A federal government that is more interested in expanding and controlling more and more of peoples lives

Folks, that's a recipe for short-term and long-term instability. I've personally decided to take action and secure at least food security for me and my family. I encourage you to take the correct steps today to provide that same security for you and your family.

Waiting is not a strategy. Take action now!

Source by Bill Ehmann