Essentially, food and water are the most important factors to be considered in times of crisis. The best Planet X 2012 Survival Guide should be able to give you a general idea of how to make storing these necessities possible, as well as help you understand the situations that you might get into to be able to survive any calamity. Regardless whether the predictions about the occurrence of catastrophes in the year 2012 are true or not, natural calamities are bound to occur like typhoons, earthquakes, and the like. No matter what crisis you are in, these survival tips might be able to help you when you need them:

• Water is the most basic need that you would have to prepare in case any calamity should happen. This is because your body needs it to accomplish all the biological processes that will keep you alive. Storing clean drinking water for you and your family that may be available when the need for it arrives should be your top priority.

• In relation to this, you can start learning how to make your own water purifier made out of simple materials like sand, stone, and cloths. This way, in case you are not sure if a water source nearby produces potable water, then you can make use of the purifier to ensure your safety. Boiling the water before drinking it may also be an option; however, this might not be possible during calamities, especially if you do not know how to create fire without the use of matches or lighters.

• On another note, dried foods should also be a priority in preparing for future calamities. The Planet X 2012 Survival Guide lists the many options you have about which foods to store and how you can keep them in their most edible state. Frozen foods are not much of an option as they tend to rot faster because of their moisture content.

• Foods that do not require to be cooked before consumption should also be kept in handy. Nuts are a good example of this, especially those that are kept in tightly-sealed containers. The packaging of the foods is also important to prevent it from being soiled or rotting fast. Dried fruits can also be a viable option for storage.

• Take note of the expiry dates indicated on the pre-packed foods that you are about to store. If you fail to check when the foods would expire, then the whole point of storing these foods is basically defeated, since these foods would be of no use to you in the future. Make sure that you get foods that have the longest possible shelf-life so they can still be consumed years from now.

A person should be well equipped with the information in the Planet X 2012 Survival Guide, because these tips are not just applicable to the arrival of the Planet X (if ever it is true), but it can also be applied to any other type of calamity that you may encounter.

Source by Shelby N. Bungert