With the beginning of October, 2010 LG Electronics has discontinued a number of models in their lineup of front load washers. In all cases these were venerable older models that had, largely, been replaced a while ago by other models. The models that have been discontinued are: the WM2050CW, WM2016CW, WM0642HW, and WM3001HWA.

The WM0642HW was one of the oldest models of front load washers that LG had to offer. With this discontinuation, LG now no longer has a front load washer to offer with the controls located in the same spot as a traditional top-loader. Most other manufacturers don't have an offering in this niche either, so this is probably a sound business decision. As for what washers that LG still has to offer with a similar capacity and list of features, the WM2101HW has the same 4.0 cubic foot capacity, as does the brand new WM2140CW.

The WM2050CW had been around for quite a while, and while it has served the LG brand well, it was competing with newer models for sales. However, recently LG released the WM2140CW that was clearly meant to be the replacement for the WM2050CW. With the same capacity, but all the newer features, and a similar price, the WM2050CW was outclassed all around. In fact, the WM2050CW had been sharing sales with the WM2101HW in the 4.0 cubic foot capacity slot in LG's lineup of front load washers for quite a while.

At one point in time not terribly long ago, the WM3001HWA was the flagship front load washer that LG had to offer. It had all the bells and whistles, the steam cycles, a huge capacity, and fancy controls. Those days are gone though. The WM2801HWA, which had itself been out for quite a while, is newer, and cheaper, supplanting the WM3001HWA for the 4.5 cubic foot steam washer market. Not only that, with the WM3875HWCA – itself rumored to be on its way to discontinue, and the WM3885HWCA having a larger capacity and more features, the WM3001HWA was no longer top-dog in LGs steam cleaning front load washers. Not only that, but the ultra popular WM2501HWA steam washer if just a slight touch behind in the size area, but is way less expensive.

The most notable of the discontinuations is in all likelihood the WM2016CW. This is a front load washer that has been around for a while, and been an extremely successful model. For quite a while it was the entry level front loader in the LG lineup. In its time in the limelight it sold a lot of units, and got great reviews from consumers before being largely replaced by the WM2010CW.

With these models being discontinued it doesn't mark any weakening of the LG portfolio, if anything it represents a strengthening. Aside from the WM0642HW, which had been serving a niche that is now vacant in LG's model line, the other models have all been replaced by newer, more advanced, and in most cases less expensive models. LG is still one of the world leaders in front load washer sales and production. Feel free to read more front load washer reviews.

Source by Bryan Brook