Shower curtains are a good addition to any bathroom. They do not only provide added aesthetics to the overall outlook of your bathroom, but also provide increased privacy to your space. Added to that is the fact that they are easy to install, and have many design choices. However, they could also prove to be an eyesore if you fail to maintain their cleanliness for a while. Soap suds and mildew can easily build up, making the curtains look unpleasant and your entire bathroom revolting. Extremely dirty shower curtains may be enough to make you decide to throw them away, or perhaps to hire the services of cleaning companies, but do you know that there are simple ways to clean these home essentials without seeking the help of hourly maids' services? Below are some shower curtain cleaning hacks that may prove to be useful for you.

Use the Washer

Shower curtains can come in various types of materials. If yours are made of durable fabric, then they can be cleaned using the washer. Put the right amount of detergent and bleach (if the curtains are white), but just remember not to use any harsh bleach cleaners. It is also best to follow care instructions recommended by the manufacturer if there are any. If curtains are made of plastic or have a plastic lining, evaluate first if it would be safe to put them in the washer. Curtains made of thin plastic materials may not stand the hard spins of the washer and may just get damaged.

Wipe with a Cleaning Solution

Curtains made of vinyl or plastic may be cleaned by wiping with a cleaning solution meant specifically for removing mildews and scum on shower curtains. If you have no idea which product is the best option, feel free to ask your local cleaning services company if they have some recommendations. Scrubbing gently with soap and water may also help.

Make Your Own Homemade Curtain Cleaner

Commercial cleaners even for shower curtains can have harsh ingredients, which may eventually have a toll not only on your curtains but also on your family's health. To avoid any adverse effects, you can try using natural cleaning solutions that work. One of the most popular is the combination of vinegar and baking soda. Simply add these ingredients to the washer before the spin cycle starts and you will likely get a cleaner, and well-disinfected shower curtain afterwards.

To prevent heavy buildup of soap scum and grime, be proactive in regularly cleaning your shower curtains. The more you prevent heavy buildup, the easier it will be for you to clean the curtains every time.

Source by Vivian Lee