The Sunbeam wall mounted hair dryer is nothing new. Many reviews are out there from people who have owned this product for well over 10 years, and are in search of replacing one that finally gave out. That speaks not only to the quality of the brand, but the ease of use and likability of this specific model. Once you see the low price tag you will likely be wondering what makes it so special, so let's look at it a little more in depth.

One of the features that make it the best hair dryer for consumers who want a reliable product for everyday use is the ability to hang it on the wall, tuck it into a cabinet, or rest it on a sink or shelf. That versatility ensures that every consumer will be able to put it somewhere that fits well with their own home. The space that hanging it up frees is a plus, considering most dryers in this price range do not come with the wall mount.

This Sunbeam 1500 Watt Hair Dryer has enough power to be useful even in a salon, yet is affordable for home use as well. It has two power settings and three heat settings, ensuring that every type of hair will be dried rather quickly. The cord is a full six feet long as well, which means it can travel further away from the plug than most other cheap dryers.

The Andis hair dryer offers models that are extremely similar to this one. The main difference between the two is that the Andis dryers can be found in black as well as white, which is the main color used for the Sunbeam models. Otherwise, they are in the same price range and have models that are very similar in terms of features and the wall mount style.

If you have been through other cheaper dryers only to find yourself disappointed when it died out in a matter of months, then a Sunbeam hair dryer is a safe purchase. The fact that they have been made for so many years and people are continually searching them out to replace with the same exact model shows that it is durable and will likely last for many years.

The Sunbeam wall mounted hair dryer may not have a lot of the fancy buttons or advanced technological features as some other models and brands, but it is a very functional dryer that works very well for a low price. For those reasons alone, it is one of the very best wall mounted dryers on the market right now.

Source by Robin Murphy