A bed is an absolute necessity to have in the home, as without one, it will be impossible for you to get a good night's rest. However, today's most important sleeping item is riddled with unnecessary extras that can increase its price drastically. For those who are looking for a simpler yet practical and cheaper alternative, they can build a frame of their own.

The first stage of the building process is the planning stage. This is where you need to search for bed building plans that can be downloaded online for free, before buying the materials needed. However, you first need to decide which kind of sleeping frame you would like to build. There are various kinds available such as the traditional platform or the foldable Murphy. Once you have decided on the kind of frame, you then need to decide on the type of wood you would like to work with. Softwoods like the southern yellow pine are the cheapest and easiest to work with, whereas birch is slightly pricier and more difficult. Hardwoods such as maple or oak, on the other hand are the most expensive and difficult to work with.

The second stage combines the processes cutting, sanding and staining wood together. If you have trouble cutting the wood, you can purchase pre cut ones from the supplier or ask a carpenter to cut them into the needed pieces for you. To sand the wood, remember that you need to use both a good sander and wear safety gear such as goggles. It is also best to sand following the grain of the wood, rather than against it to avoid uneven sanding. The next process, staining, is determined by the type of wood you use. Softwoods have uneven or blotchy patches, so the use of a pre-stain wood conditioner is necessary for an even stain. Hardwoods however have a fairly smooth surface.

The third and final stage involves the assembly of the overall frame. This means you will have to put together both the bed frame and the foot and head boards. Before you begin assembling, spread out all the wood pieces, screws, nails and other materials to make the installation process easier. Make sure you follow the plan closely and familiarize yourself with all the parts needed. Once you have finished assembling all the materials together, check to see if the frame has been assembled properly by placing some weight on top of it.

Building your own frame will save you money and still give you the same practicality and use offered by store bought sleeping frames.

Source by Alvin Yeoh Gregory