Hey all, and welcome to this Krups KM4065 review, I hope that after reading this article you will be a little more familiar with this machine and able to make a confident decision when it comes to buying your next coffee maker.

I'm sorry to have to do it, I always try to focus on the positive sides of any coffee maker I review, but today this review will have to be a little biased against the scurge of the coffee making community that is “glass carafes”! All who think glass carafes are a waste of time say “I”. I have had with coffee manufacturers selling machines that are over a certain price yet don't come with a thermal carafe.

It is true that cheaper coffee makers like Mr Coffee, or Black and Decker, are trying to be made as cheaply as possible and so the inclusion of a glass carafe with these types of machine is expected if a little unwelcome. But when we are paying somewhere in the vicinity of $100 for a coffee brewer, it should really be coming with a thermal carafe.

Quickly I'd like to cover some things other than the lack of a thermal carafe. The Krups KM4065 does make a very nice cup of coffee. The reservoir has a 12-cup capacity and so should be big enough for a home use coffee machine. The button that opens the lid is potentially a little too flimsy and could lead to breakage in the future. The manual is bit irritating in the fact that it doesn't answer all that many of the questions a new user may have.

In closing I'd like to say that this coffee maker is OK if you don't care about thermal carafe or you don't like the slower pour rate of thermals.

Thanks for reading.

Source by Christopher W Harrison