A hookless shower curtain is simply that – a shower curtain without hooks! Traditionally shower curtains have small holes in them for adding hooks or rings which can be attached to a rod or rail across the shower or bath. Hookless curtains have much larger holes, grommets or eyelets allowing for a rod to be placed through the holes. The rings are flexible and literally pop over the curtain rod allowing for quick and easy installation.


– no fiddly hooks to mess around with or snap

– easy to install with ‘flex-rings' (10 seconds)

– clean straight line

– easy to slide curtain along pole

– do not have to take whole rod down for washing curtain

– curtain folds/stacks neatly when pulled back

– no additional hooks or rings to buy


– holes could tear if eyelets fail or poor quality

– cannot personalise with curtain hooks

When choosing a hookless option for your curtain you are not restricted to plain curtains or even just white. Curtains suitable for rods come in a myriad of designs, colours and patterns with contrasting or co-ordinating eyelets. One of my bright favourites that I have come across is a Peva 71 x 74 inch ‘Splash' design which has different sized panels featuring different coloured spots with the 3 words: Suds, Ker-splatt and Splash printed across the curtain and contrasting red eyelets or grommets.

How to correctly install your hookless curtain:

1. Stand outside the tub facing in

2. Grasp the top half of a pair of rings (with the slit between them) with both hands

3. Gently push top half of rings over the shower rod, the lower half of rings will follow under rod. The slits magically disappear

4. Continue until complete

5. When installed correctly the curtain's side edges will face out and the slits will be behind the rod.

Most shower curtains have a special anti-microbial treatment that helps to resist mould and mildew. Hookless curtains are available in plain white, plain colours such as blue, red and pink. Striped curtains can have horizontal or vertical stripes, two-tone or multicoloured. Curtains with mosaic borders where the eyelets are look great and hide the slits really well. Patterns feature widely in hookless shower curtains and another very popular design is with a clear viewing panel. Some even have pockets for customising and personalising your curtain. Black and white stripes are a classic for any bathroom decor and of course you will be able to find liners if you need them.

Source by Rosie W