You're probably going to be looking for a baby bedding set very soon if you're having a baby. Not only do many retailers offer baby crib bedding sets but, luckily for you, so does the internet! Shipping is also very reasonable with the bed-in-a-bag since it's all squished up in one vacuum sealed bag. The problem, as with pretty much anything you buy online, or even locally for that matter, is picking the set that you want. Was your nursery decorated to match the rest of the house? If this is the case, you should probably look for a baby crib bedding set that matches the bedding on your own bed. This will compliment your home's current colors without having to think too hard about coming up with a new color scheme. Of course, on the other hand, if you decorated the nursery completely differently than the rest of your home, you'll want to get some baby nursery bedding that matches the rest of your nursery.

Finding Baby Boy Bedding Sets

Did you wait to look at baby bed sets until you knew the sex of your new baby? That was a good idea! There are a lot of various types of baby boy bedding sets out there to choose from. Pretty much anything that is blue goes as well, obviously, but there are also race cars, dinosaurs, space ships, and air planes, among many other options. Of course, there's nothing wrong with regular solid colors like red and black, even if there are some that say red is a bad color for bedrooms.

Deciding On Baby Girl Bedding Sets

Pink and white are great colors if you're looking for baby girl bedding sets. Anything perceived as classically feminine or gentle will work also. You may be tempted to buy bedding based on the latest pop icon or fad, but don't! Once the baby is born, and surely by the time she's done with that crib, that icon will likely be a thing of the past. That may not seem like an issue at the moment, but babies have a way of lowering your bank account balance, and buying new bedding may not be so easy a second time around.

Finding Cheap Baby Bedding Sets

Instead, maybe you didn't want to see what sex the baby is going to be. Many couples like to keep that as a “last minute surprise,” so to speak. Even if not, there are advantages to picking unisex bedding. If you, like so many others, have a financial situation that tends to change as the seasons do, and there's every chance that another baby may come along and occupy that same crib, then going with unisex bedding that is generic in design is probably a good idea. As babies aren't too terribly destructive on bedding, durability shouldn't be much of an issue.

Do It Yourself Baby Bedding Sets

Are you an accomplished tailor, or at least have the burning urge to try? I know I wouldn't attempt it, but there are lots of videos and how-tos out there describing exactly how to make your own baby bedding. Obviously the price would be pretty low, if you could manage it.


Source by Anthony J Davis