Have you ever noticed how many problems you have when laundry day comes around. Whenever you throw your blanket or comforter in to the washer machine there is always a surprise waiting for you when you take it out of the washing machine. Such things can vary from a big gaping hole which you can not do much about other than throw your bed set out and get a new one, or it can come out with a lot of lint balls on it. And when I saw a lot of lint balls I mean sometimes there can be thousands of them packed in tight on your bedding. You can try to ignore then but if you do not do something about them you will not sleep as soundly again, not to mention they make your bed set look horrible.

Not all of us own lint removers and sometimes you want to make your bed set look nice in a hurry. Say if a special person was coming over that night you do not want them laying on your bed and thinking about how itchy and ugly it looks. That is why you need to do what you have to do to get your bed set looking new again. If your bed set is covered with lint and you do not have a lint brush this is what you do, first grab an old bakers roller,” or a paper towel roller works too” cover it with tape with the sticky part facing out. Then roll it over your bed. You should see the lint start to come off.

This is a cheap and easy way to take lint off but, if you want to keep it off you probably want to use duvet covers. There are many beautiful duvet covers out there that can protect your comforter or blanket from ever getting a chance to get covered with lint that way you can stop it before it starts to become a problem.


Source by Denzale D Montgomery