It's every parent's goal to create a gorgeous nursery for their little one. The crib bedding colors and theme can make a big statement in the room, so it's important to put some drive into finding the right bedding to suit your design taste. When deciding on a baby bedding theme there are some things you should consider such as: budget, your baby's gender (make sure you know if your baby is a boy or girl) and choosing your color for the nursery walls. Once those decisions have been made, you're on the right track.

Nursery Color Options

Parents these days are excited about the bright, vibrant colors, as well as, soft pastels. What excites you? Also, which nursery design style matches your home? Is it the modern or contemporary style that floats your boat or will you go for the whimsical, posh or more retro look? These are important decisions, so choose wisely because you'll want to pick a style and color that you and your baby will be happy with for many years.

Baby Bedding Theme Selection

Baby bedding theme choices are endless, so explore your options. Decorating with a movie or TV character theme is cute, but will it be popular 2 years from now? If you choose a common bedding theme such as animals then you'll be able to find accessories easily. This is also the case if you choose a bedding theme with common colors. You might also want to look at unique bedding themes if you want to create a nursery dissimilar any other. The last option might be a bit more on the expensive side though.

Common Girl Bedding Themes

There's a wide variety of baby bedding themes to choose from, so this can be a complicated process. To make it a little easier I advocate that you choose your nursery wall color first and then pick bedding that matches. This will help decimate several choices to make your selection easier. You'll find a list of some of the most common girl baby bedding themes below.

Common Girl Themes

* Princess

* Ballerina

* Flowers

* Butterflies

* Fairies

* Carousels

* Disney

* Garden

* Kittens

* Angels

Common Boy Bedding Themes

It's typical for a baby boy's first word to be the sound of a car engine “vroom-vroom” rather than the word Mommy. Needless to say, any type of vehicle bedding theme is a good choice for a boy's nursery. Boys also tend to react well to bright colors, so you might consider choosing a rich blue for your son's walls and then find baby bedding that matches. If you choose a common color it's easier to find accessories that match as well.

Common Boy Themes

* Sports

* Cowboys

* Bugs

* Reptiles

* Dinosaurs

* Cars

* Trucks

* Trains

* Jungle

* Airplanes

* Barn Yard

* Frogs

Gender Neutral Baby Bedding Themes

If you're one of those parents who wants to be surprised about your baby's gender, then you should consider choosing a gender neutral theme for your baby's crib bedding. You can't go wrong choosing a simple animal motif with neutral colors such as green, yellow, red or orange. You could also select bedding with a fun design such as stripes, polka-dots, patchwork, checks, plaids, shapes or simple denim. You might even want to consider something in a neutral color without much of a pattern.

Gender Neutral Themes

* Teddy Bears

* Puppies

* Noah's Ark

* Underwater Sea Creatures

* Stripes

* Alphabet

* Zoo Animals

* Stars and Moons

* Crayons

* Checks

* Plaids

Mom's Intuition

Some moms choose to go with their mother's intuition to decide what type of child their cute baby might be. Will your boy be athletic or a musician? Will your daughter be into dance or soccer? If you feel you already have a vibe about your soon-to-be-born baby then why not have some fun and create a nursery around your presumptions. If you're not that daring, then go with something neutral that you feel creates a adorable nursery environment that your baby and you will enjoy for many years.

Source by Kim M. Proulx