Are you wasting money on paper and toner from SPAM faxes and your colleagues time to look at them? A Fax Receiver Appliance could be the answer to saving cost and speeding up workflow.

The era of the fax machine is coming to an end, but not so quickly. Fax machines are still used to receive faxed orders or requests from customers.

Instead of having to maintain a whole PC with virus checker, an uninterruptible power supply that has to be replaced every few years and other support costs, a Fax Receiver Appliance connects directly to a phone line and to the Ethernet Network, converting incoming faxes directly into a PDF email sending it to a mailbox of a mail server.

A Fax Receiver Appliance reduces direct waste significantly and often produces a return on investment of less than a year. This is based on approximately 20 SPAM faxes a day @ 0.08 cents per page for 365 days a year totals a direct saving of US$584 per device.

Indirect savings from personnel no longer looking and evaluating advertising in the fax machine is likely to be even higher.

Faster workflow as the documents no longer need to be collected from the machine but arrives immediately in the administrators email inbox. Email servers can be set up to copy more than one person, so emails may be picked up while on the move.

A Fax Appliance may be located more securely in the Telephone or the Computer Room, away from everyday hazards or mal-intent.

Each page is an attachment in the email that can be easily re-distributed or used for input into other applications.

Further saving come from the device's very low power consumption and high reliability as there are no moving parts to be maintained or paper to be supplied. On average only 20% of business communication in electronic format is actually printed out which brings further savings.

A one-time setup of the fax appliance will run for a lifetime without maintenance unless you change the email server address. Parameters are stored permanently in Flash Memory and the power-up sequence is less than 10 seconds. Remote management via Telnet with login and password protection allows management in any networked environment such as Windows®, Unix® or Apple®.

A Fax Receiver Appliance is always ready, not dependent on operating system upgrades, virus checkers like a PC based or Multi Function Copier based Fax solution that require maintenance and a lot of power. When your company has mainly incoming faxes and does not want to rout a fax line to every Copier / Printer a Fax Receiver Appliance is the most cost efficient solution.

Source by Klaus Bollmann