Miele vacuum cleaners, known for its quality standard and German Engineering, offer a huge number of possible configurations to its customer. Choosing from such wide number of options, sometimes proves to be too overwhelming for the customer. Well! That is what we are here for, Right?

Miele basically makes only 5 Vacuum Cleaners cut down to 2 categories –

Miele canister vacuum consisting of

1. C1 Class (Earlier S2) – Most basic of all the Miele vacuum cleaners, it provides quality in budget. Easily affordable by many, it lacks a sealed system. The HEPA filtration is only available in one model. They lack in sound insulation system, but are way quieter than their counterparts.

2. C2 Compact (Earlier S6) – With almost same configurations as a C3, it has a slightly smaller dust bag. It lacks the HEPA Filtration which can be added if you want. Cheaper and lighter in weight, it can be a great alternative to your C3, if there is that pocket to watch too.

3. C3 Complete (Earlier S8) – A wholesome package with HEPA filtration and all the features which you would not find in other canisters. Largest in size, these vacuum cleaners are the most expensive too.

Miele upright vacuum consisting of

1. H1 Swing – It is a small broom model not designed to take up the full cleaning task, but can be used as a secondary vacuum in your home.

2. U1 Dynamic – It is the best canister transformed into an upright, which makes it even more difficult to avoid. With the largest dust bags and maximum cleaning reach, prices vary widely based on the model of your choice.

Rest everything is just a unique set of features which you can handpick in order to make your very own vacuum cleaner, perfect for your home.

Next is quick list of factors which you should keep in mind while deciding your very own Miele:

Is HEPA filter required?

Now if you are suffering from any kind of allergies or asthma, then we would strongly recommend HEPA filter for you. Miele's HEPA filtration is among the best in removing ultra-fine particles that can aggravate your respiratory condition. Thoroughly tested and certified, its superior filtration shows Zero reading at the particle counter.

Vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters are:

1. Miele classic c1 titan canister vacuum

2. Miele complete c3 brilliant HEPA

3. Miele complete c3 alize

4. Miele complete c3 marin

5. Miele complete c3 calima

6. Miele complete c3 kona

7. Miele dynamic u1 jazz

8. Miele dynamic u1 autoeco

The lesser efficient AirClean filters are available in the following models, but HEPA filtration is optional in all these:

1. Miele compact c2 series

2. Miele dynamic u1 twist vacuum cleaner

3. Miele classic c1 capri

4. Miele classic c1 delphi

5. Miele classic c1 olympus

6. Miele h1 swing vacuum cleaners

Canister or Upright?

Both the models are the best versions of themselves. Both contain the same filtration and suction standard, so choosing the one, purely depends on the type of vacuum cleaner you are most comfortable with. However, if you do not have a particular preference in this, you can buy a canister, if you have mostly bare floors or high-end carpet and area rugs. Go for upright, if you have wall to wall cut-pile carpet.

What type of flooring you have?

The key to selecting your Miele is matching it with the kind of floor, you have in home. Depending on your requirements, you can save a great amount of money and time in making the right choice.

If you have a carpet throughout your house, U1 dynamic is the clear choice as all all of its model work perfectly with even the thickest of the carpet. With an independent motor, automatic height adjustment and separate brush roll control, U1s can clean any type of carpet as well as smooth flooring.

If you have all carpet but prefer a canister, then you would have to go with the Miele power-brush models that are the C3 Series:

1. Miele complete c3 brilliant

2. Miele complete c3 cat & dog

3. Miele complete c3 marin

4. Miele complete c3 kona

For low to medium pile carpet and rugs, Miele has some economical and suitable models:

1. Miele classic c1 delphi

2. Miele classic c1 titan

3. Miele compact c2 topaz

If you have mostly smooth flooring with low pile carpet, these could be your options:

1. Miele classic c1 olympus

2. Miele compact c2 quartz

3. Miele complete c3 alize

Size of your house

1. Miele U1 and C3 series are well equipped to handle larger homes. The choice depends on your own personal preference or the other factors when taken into consideration.

2. For standard or smaller size homes, C2 series with air-clean filtration is a perfect choice. In case you are allergic, you can always add HEPA filtration to this model. Lighter in weight, they are easy to handle and man oeuvre across the house and hence becomes an ultimate choice of smaller homes. However, if economy is to be taken into consideration then C1 series can give you the same level of performance with a large vacuum bag.

That's all with the tips. I hope this will help you make an informed choice. For rest, we are just a call/click away from you.


Source by Prakash Babu