The decision in choosing a Vacuum cleaner can sometimes be a tricky one. Vacuum cleaner is one of the most expensive cleaning tools we can have in the household. So the decision to buy the right one matters a lot. In the market today there are wide ranges of vacuum cleaner and we would be discussing the upright vacuum cleaner category. Upright cleaner machines are those vacuums that stand well above the knee. The Upright vacuum cleaner is one of the most popular styles of vacuum; an upright cleaner usually has a brush agitator for cleaning carpets and may also have attachments for cleaning other surfaces such as bare floors and furniture.

Some of the advantages of the upright cleaner are as follows:

• The upright cleaner is much easier to use as you don't have to bend when using it, most people do complain about the use of other category of vacuum as it makes the back sour after use. There doesn't seem as much strain on the leg and back muscles when using the upright vacuum, so it could definitely be a wiser choice for your health and well being.

• With the upright cleaner the power switch can be found on the handle or a foot lever on the base of the unit. The switch on the handle makes it very easy to turn on and off but there is still the option for the foot lever switch for those who prefer.

• The hard surface to carpet sensor makes changing floor surfaces happen in one smooth movement. There is no need to switch floor heads halfway through the room to accommodate the different levels or move to a carpeted area as this all happens automatically.

• And while they are extremely efficient machines that clean large areas in record time, they are also easy to operate for that spilled ashtray or other debris that needs to be picked up quickly.


• One of the cons of an upright vacuum is that sometimes can't reach some complex corners in the household.

• Another disadvantage of this category of vacuum is the steering limitations of fixed wheels and as such it is very difficult to manoeuvre most times, except for the Dyson range of product, The Dyson DC25, and other Dyson in the Market right now uses the patented Ball technology. This technology allows the vacuum to manoeuvre around hard to reach areas. Other than the Dyson your options are pretty limited on versatility for the Upright vacuum as it is only Dyson at the moment using such technology.

• Also the upright vacuum cost more than the other categories of vacuum, but it is well worth its price as it makes cleaning a wide area very easy.

In conclusion, the decision of choosing the right upright vacuum for your home lies in your hands. All the categories of vacuum cleaners has its advantages and disadvantages, and in choosing the right one we need to take into consideration some of the pros and cons highlighted above.

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