Fisher and Paykel are a leading name in the designing and manufacturing of respiratory care systems, as well as undertaking repairs and maintenance and supplying spare parts. The company not only designs, it also manufactures and markets devices as well as spare parts. Replacement parts are also easily available online and can be shipped easily.

Fisher and Paykel parts availability

Despite the emphasis on using genuine and authorized spare parts, a simple factor like unavailability can lead to the inclusion of non-genuine parts in the device. For this reason, Fisher and Paykel ensures availability of parts for their devices. Availability of parts is all the more important when therapy needs to be uninterrupted.

Availability can also be impacted by stocks, shipping and factors such as return and replacement policies.

CPAP devices come in a wide range, defined by medical needs and user preferences. There are varieties of masks, including full-face, nasal pillows, gel masks, etc. Fisher and Paykel CPAP devices and company-authorized spare parts are sold through direct sales offices operations and a network of distributors. Supply is ensured through hospitals and caregivers, increasing opportunities for availability. Availability of spare parts is vital also because of the wide geographical range that is covered by Fisher and Paykel; the company's products and systems are sold in more than 120 countries.

Genuine parts and optimal performance

The connection between continued quality and effective performance is significant, particularly if the user expects consistent performance from the device. In the case of Fisher and Paykel CPAP devices, ensuring parts that work well is vital to device performance. Because Fisher and Paykel also designs its devices, it makes for a better decision to choose parts that are company-authorized.

The success of CPAP therapy and adherence to device usage is also a function of user comfort. User comfort can stem from seemingly insignificant elements such as device fit and humidity levels. If you are using a Fisher and Paykel mask that sits in a particular manner on your face and it needs replacement of the component that is in contact with the skin, then it makes immense sense to use genuine and company-authorized parts. Genuine and authorized spare parts could help therapy compliance by helping maintain consistency in the user experience.

Using genuine spare parts also ensures that:

> Your Fisher and Paykel device will continue to run as before, the replacement of part/parts does not change the way it works.
> Performance of the device is not altered substantially or noticeably, especially in the context of user experience.
> Vital parameters of therapy are maintained and unchanged; details such as optimum air pressure, humidity, etc. are all consistent.
> Life of the device is not altered; it will continue to function as intended and serve the purpose it has been designed for.

Source by James McCarty