Buying a new kitchen appliance generally entails a huge investment. This is especially true with a large piece of electronic equipment such as a new refrigerator. This is why you need to carefully consider your options when buying a new refrigerator and not just buy something on a whim or on the spur of the moment. Impulse buying on your new refrigerator is one of the surest ways to end up disappointed with a below an average refrigerator that simply does not perform according to your expectations. There are many things to consider when buying a new refrigerator and if possible, price should be the least of your worries.


First of all, you should know first-hand what kind of features you want from your new refrigerator. Do you want a top-of-the-line refrigerator with lots of fancy bells and whistles that does more than just preserve your food? There are even some environment-friendly refrigerators that claim to make your food taste better after they've been kept inside. Most refrigerators also come with an external water dispenser nowadays as well as more standard features such as a small freezer. There are also some aesthetic qualities that you should take into account such as the way the ref opens – is the ref a double-doors type? Does it have separate doors for the ref itself and the freezer? Another huge consideration is the actual storage capacity of the ref including how many different compartments the ref has.


The size of the refrigerators should be taken into account before you buy it. This does not necessarily have anything to do with the storage capacity of the ref itself, but rather, how much space you can spare in your kitchen for the ref. This might seem like a pretty basic, elementary consideration, but you would be quite surprised at the number of people who demand for a refund on their newly bought refrigerators simply because they could not actually fit the ref into kitchen. If your kitchen is cramped for space, then you should definitely think about the size and dimensions of the refrigerator that you will be buying.

What are some good refs?

There are dozens of different brands of refrigerators out there and not all of them will give you the same bang for your buck. In any case, as far as refrigerators are concerned, one of the most dependable brands out there today is Amana. Refrigerators by Amana such as the Amana ASD2522WRW, are well-known for being sturdy as well as functional top-of-the-line refrigerators that do not outlive their usefulness after only 4-5 years since their date of purchase. The Amana ASD2522WRW in particular is a powerhouse of a refrigerator with a freezer capacity of 9.9 cubic feet. This particular Amana ref also comes with its own external water dispenser so that you do not have to open the ref each time for a drink of water. This actually helps you to save on space if you used to keep water containers inside your ref. Furthermore, the ref features a gallon door storage for keeping liquid containers for soda and juices without taking up valuable storage space for food within the ref itself. Another outstanding feature of this particular model from Amana is that it uses Pur-technology filters for the water dispenser as well as for its ice maker. Finally, if you hate frequent food spillage that make a mess inside your refrigerator, the extra shelves help to alleviate this problem since the shelves themselves perform quite well when it comes to stopping the spread of any spillage.

Source by Lloyd Junsay Doronila