Garden furniture, normally, are made of various materials like aluminum, teak, cane, wrought iron and other materials. There exists a unique quality in furniture made using teak. Teak can be used to make furniture for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. Nowadays, patio furniture made using teak was used extensively in various homes. This is because, teak furniture provides a unique look to the outdoor decoration. The elegant design and style associated with teak wood furniture cannot be seen in any other materials. 


It is true that teak would fade away when exposed to sun and other elements for a very long time. It is a myth that the wood oil in teak will keep it safe for many years. Prolonged exposure to sun and rain would change the color of teak into gray. However, the original color of teak wood can be retained by applying some simple procedures. The gray color on the teak surface can be scrubbed with the help of sand paper or brush and soap. A simple wood coating with some teak oil can be applied on the surface of teak wood in order to bring it back to the honey color. 

Cleaning tips for teak wood furniture is available during its purchase. Soap water can be used for cleaning the surface of teak furniture. Cleaning liquids are available in plenty, but it is better to use a trusted cleaning liquid in order to maintain the charm of furniture. Teak oils are also available in different ranges and they can be chosen accordingly. Moreover, it is not necessary to apply oil every now and then. Teak oil coating can be done once in every 4 to 6 months. It is advisable to avoid applying finish coats to teak wood furniture, since there are many better ways for maintaining it. 

Benefits of Teak Wood Furniture 

The most important benefit of teak is that it can be carved into different stylish furniture sets. The honey color design of teak wood is unique to teak. People who want to sport a different style of outdoor furniture can opt for teak. Various stylish designs are available during outdoor furniture sale. Another important benefit of teak is that it will keep away bugs naturally. This feature cannot be seen in every wooden furniture material. Though it changes color after exposure to weather elements, its interior surface won't be affected. The comfort level of teak furniture is also unique as it offers a fine relaxation experience. Moreover, teak won't absorb a large amount of heat even if it is exposed to heat for a considerable time.

Source by Siva Saravanakumar