For some reason, many people struggle in trying to find the right lighting solution for a deck or patio. The standard light designed with the house is too bright although it offers good security and low voltage lights that would be used in the front along the driveway would not work. Now, the question is what type of landscape lighting fixtures would provide the perfect glow, security, and look great for this particular outdoor area.

One of the most popular solutions is with string landscape lighting fixtures. These lights come in thousands of options, some producing more illumination than others do. String lights are also sold in a huge array of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs so no matter the ultimate look wanted, you would have no problem finding the right system. In addition, string landscape lighting fixtures are inexpensive although some look rich.

One of the greatest benefits to landscape lighting fixtures such as this is that they are literally installed in a very short amount of time. Even if the deck or patio area does not have any type of overhead awning or lattice, string lighting could still be hung up using a number of configurations. For instance, these lights could be crisscrossed over the patio, hung on deck railing, etc.

Most people think of string landscape lighting fixtures as fun and whimsical, something that would only be used when entertaining family or friends but in truth, this type of lighting solution could create any look wanted. With so many design options, you could go with something unique that would make a great conversation piece or choose an elegant design that would add special ambience to your outdoor space.

Because string landscape lighting fixtures have a softer glow than what other outdoor lighting solutions produce, the space is more peaceful and relaxing. If you wanted a space with a romantic look and feel, you could choose a muted color with a simple or contemporary style but if you preferred something a little livelier, lights in the shape of flowers or butterflies in vibrant colors would be an option.

Although some people leave string landscape lighting fixtures up all year round, for homes in regions with harsh winters the lights are easy to take down and store until the following year. In fact, many people will remove the lights in the winter time and display them in a family room or child's bedroom until spring. These lights are easy to install and maintenance is virtually zero.

As you shop around for various options specific to string landscape lighting fixtures, if you prefer something that produces a brighter glow, we suggest you consider those designed to run on LED lights. In this case, the bulb is smaller than a traditional light bulb, LED lights last longer, they do not become hot like other light bulbs do, and best of all, and the bulbs use very little energy. Because of this, you would have a well-lit deck or patio, never worry about fire hazard from a hot bulb, and spend less month than with other landscape lighting fixtures.

You could also consider string landscape lighting fixtures that operate on solar power. Obviously, this is the most cost-efficient solution with the solar system recharging during the day so you can enjoy your deck or patio in style at night automatically. You will even find some solar systems for string lighting that are programmable so they turn at dusk but then off in the morning. Regardless, solar string landscape lighting fixtures usually provide 12 full hours of illumination and they great.

Source by Lydia Quinn