Leaf blowers have become more popular in households as they seem to save some time during gardening and fall seasons. There are many types of leaf blowers. Electric hand-held leaf blowers work on electricity and have a cord and plug. These blowers are easy to use, weigh usually seven pounds or less, start with a pushbutton and produce no emissions because they are electrical devices. However, they restrain some mobility and range because they have the cord. Some people prefer gas powered blowers because they allow them mobility throughout their property.

Gas powered hand-held blowers are popular in households. They operate with gas and are started by pulling on a cord. The process is similar to that used for lawnmowers. However, they can be heavy to hold, as they can weigh up to 12 pounds. For those with strong physical capabilities, they make quick work of large piles and widespread debris. These are louder than electric models, and protecting the hearing is helpful. Most of them require a combination of gas and oil since they have a two-stroke engine. Four-stroke engines operate with straight gasoline for fuel.

A more expensive version of gas blowers are the backpack models; they usually weigh more as well, up to 25 pounds. They also offer the flexibility of being carried on the back, which allows the user more freedom of movement. These are very popular with commercial gardeners, and they seem to pack a bit more power than hand-held blowers do. However, they do not shred or vacuum.

Another type is the gas-wheeled blower. This is a bulky unit which has wheels and a lot of power. This type of blower is suitable for larger areas. They have four-stroke engines, so there is no need to mix oil with the gasoline. They are very heavy at 100 pounds and they require a larger space for storage. These do not shred or vacuum, which is not needed for commercial users with a mulcher or residents with municipal pick-up from the gutter. They also take more practice to maneuver effectively compared to the other models. These are mostly used for big jobs by commercial landscape maintenance companies. Although they are more expensive, these types pay for themselves in the commercial field for leaf blowers.

For many, these gardening devices will save time, and they can be used for gardening as well as to quickly dust a surface, driveway or path – anywhere a little bit of wind is needed.

Source by Jeremy P Stanfords