Do you love the outdoors? Does the idea of you and your friends and family being outside, with nothing but each other, the wide open sky, fresh air, and rolling hills and forest as far as you can see, appeal to you? Do you like to sit back and think back to times when it was just all of you sitting around an open campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling stories?

Even if you love camping, there's no way you can truly capture the experience to bring back with you when it's all over. But with portable fire pits, you can bring just a little bit of it home with you. Even if you can't return to the forest, sky and fresh air, you can still have the fun of a cozy campfire at your home. With a few easy steps to set up,you can have that fire burning in no time, and your own backyard becomes the camp as you and your fiends and family enjoy an evening with each other.

Portable fire pits are a safe and easy way bring the comfort of a fire to you, without endangering the area A fire pit holds everything, meaning that the grass and fauna are safe and you don't have to be afraid of accidentally starting a fire.With all the ashes and embers held in the pit, clean-up is easy as well.And with them being portable, as the name suggests, you're never limited to just one place. You can take them to a fiends house for a fun evening outside as well as on that next camping trip.

Of course, there are drawbacks to a portable fire pit. Even when the fire is out, it will take time for the pit to cool, making it a hazard for someone to accidentally trip over or fall into. And though the idea of being portable is useful, they're rather large and take up quite a bit of space.

Pros and cons change from brand to brand, and only you know what you want. Doing the research and figuring out which is best for you is the best thing you can do before deciding what brand of portable fire pit to buy.I can say for sure that you won't regret it, being safe with your own home and bringing that small joy of camping home for you and your family.

Source by Doug W Ranger