In a world full of friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and roommates, privacy is a rare commodity. This is the case in the work place, in medical facilities, and in your own backyard. Retailers and suppliers continue to develop more modern privacy screen ideas to improve our quality of life amidst this crowded world in which we live. These screens can serve as a door in a cubicle, a makeshift wall in a semi-private hospital room, or a series of fences around a deck or patio. They are attractively decorative in addition to being functional, making them a pleasure to install and use.

One of the best illustrations of the loss of privacy in the contemporary world is the cubicle. The workplace has evolved over the years from a building divided into offices by permanent walls into large open spaces populated by a large array of cubicles, or desk areas where staffers sit to do their work. The overall buzz generated in a room such as this can be distracting and unnerving, even when noise absorbing partitions are in place. For times when you need a little extra privacy, for an important phone call or a project with an upcoming deadline, additional privacy screens can be added. For example, the Apollo Work Station Privacy Screen is a translucent screen that attaches directly to the outside wall of a cubicle. It can be slid across the doorway of the cubicle at any time. It will block some amount of sound and distraction, and it will send the message that you cannot be disturbed at this time.

Privacy in a medical office, clinic, or hospital is equally rare and at least as important. You are in the hospital for tests or treatment. Either way, it is not comfortable and possibly a little scary. Privacy screens and partitions, often in the form of curtains, can offer you some modicum of privacy while doctors and nurses are examining you or treating you. This is more comfortable for you and for those around you. The practice of using these screens does more than just for your personal comfort, however. Screens and separators made for medical facilities are often treated with antimicrobial chemicals, which will block the passage of illness. Therefore, the privacy screen may be hampering the passage of further illness. Telescoping Patient Privacy Screens, sold at are an example of the curtain style partitions used in hospitals and clinics.

Even in sports and leisure, these screens have been found to be useful. Consider, for instance, a series of tennis courts. Tennis is an enjoyable sport, and can be very relaxing; however, when you are surrounded by other courts, the gameplay of others may be distracting, especially of those on the other courts are louder or more animated than are you and your opponent. With special privacy screens installed on the fences between courts, you can get the sense that you are playing on a private court, with no one with you but you, your partner, and your opponents. The Permascreen at is an excellent example of this, blocking both noise and wind.

Source by Kevin Wynn