Once you have acquired the perfect set for you, the last things you want are animals and insects ruining your outdoor furniture. There are a couple solutions to keeping these annoying animals and bugs off your patio furniture.

Bugs Be Gone

Flies buzzing around your head can distractingly interrupt spending some relaxing time on your patio and mosquitoes biting your skin. An effective way to keep these annoying bugs away is to buy a zip up screen to place around your patio set. You can buy these at almost all stores that sells patio furniture and items for the backyard. These nets come in different colors, shapes and sizes to suit your taste and your needs.

Some nets fasten with ties while others zip shut. These nets allow you and your company to delight in your outdoor furniture and beautiful weather without the hassle of stray animals and annoying insects. If you would rather a net that covers your entire yard instead of only a little section, these are also available. If a net is a little to costly for you then you could simply spray yourself and the furniture down with bug spray but remember that bug sprays may be cause harm to animals.

Keep Cats Away

These annoying animals are especially bad for making themselves a nice comfortable bed on your furniture cushions. The cat hair left behind can be smelly and dirty. This does not help with keeping your patio furniture clean and looking its best. Pet stores will usually carry humane stay away sprays that will keep the cats away safely so they do not get hurt in any way. Cats cannot stand the smell of these sprays and will be sure to turn away once they get close enough to smell it.

If you do not want to use sprays then you might want to try a helpful home remedy. Cats hate tin foil so simply place a little on your cushions to keep them away. On windier days, you may want to weigh the foil down with a heavy item that will not blow away.

Another way to keep these annoying animals away is to buy a dog. Everyone knows that most cats and dogs are natural born enemies and cats prefer to stay away from dogs completely. Although by having a dog, you risk having dog hair on your furniture instead of cat hair.

If a dog is not an option, then taking your furniture in at night is a definite way to make sure cats stay off the furniture. While this is an effective way to keeping annoying animals away, it is a lot of work and kind of a pain so a patio cover may be a better option.


Source by Gerry H Brown