Persian rugs are not ordinary home decorations; it is regarded as a work-of-art. Before, these rugs were all painstakingly hand made but because of technological improvements, there are now machines which can also make modern Persian carpets.

If you are planning to buy a Persian carpet, you should know the distinction between an Oriental rug and a Persian rug. All Persian rugs are oriental rugs, but Oriental rugs are not purely Persian. It is composed of carpets from different regions starting in Turkey to China.

Kasvin is located in North Persia. Now, Persia is called Iran. But though the country changed its name, the history of Persian carpets lived on. Different rug-producing regions in Persia determine the type of rug made, and the Kasvin Persian rug was one of those few known types.

If your want to purchase such a carpet, there are a few thing to consider, including:

– Material; Persian carpets are made from wool, silk, or cotton but there are also inexpensive ones which are made from synthetic materials

– Authentic; look for a certificate which says that the carpet or rug is authentic

– KPSI or knots-per-square-inch; this is a measure of durability and quality, carpets/rugs with 80+ KPSI are better

– Imperfections; since authentic Persian carpets are made by bare hands, expect some imperfections as long as it does not affect the appeal of the carpet as a whole

– Price; the rugs size affects the price, but for a high quality and highly durable Persian rug or carpet, expect to pay a reasonable amount of money

When buying a carpet, you should always take into consideration the above mentioned factors.


Source by Judy Simpson