Whether it is the Super Bowl or any other game that is being played while you are hosting a group of people, the desire to have some sort of contest is always a tempting way to add a little excitement to the party. With the help of MFS Squares Pools, you will be able to make the game a little bit more interesting. So, what is a Squares pool and how do you get involved in one?

Squares pools are commonly played during the Super Bowl, but could be played during any football game. Squares pools are played on a 10×10 grid, yielding 100 squares, in which each row and column has their own number, ranging from 0 to 9. Each square is purchased by a pool member by placing their name in the square while it is empty and unclaimed.

Literally, anyone can play and get involved in free Squares pools, even if you aren't a fan of the NFL or you have a limited knowledge of how games are played. When you are taking part in Squares pool, you commonly aren't limited to just one square, though there will more than likely be a limit on the amount that you can purchase.

On the 10×10 grid that the pool takes place on, the top row of numbers are what represents one of the teams playing and the side row represents the other team that is involved in the game. The teams and numbers aren't actually placed on the grid until it has been filled or the NFL game begins. The commissioner may trigger the random assignment of teams and numbers on his own. The commissioner does not want the responsibility, the teams and numbers are randomly assigned by MFS. This is done as a means of keeping the game fair and providing absolutely no advantage to any squares.

Most importantly; how do the payouts work?! The most common payouts occur at the end of each quarter. At the end of each quarter, the last digit of both NFL teams' scores are taken and used as grid references in order to determine a winner. So, if at the end of the first quarter, the Chicago Bears have 10 and the Indianapolis Colts have 3. You would then find the winning square by looking for 0 on the vertical scale (where the Bears were assigned) and 3 on the horizontal scale (location of the Colts). Where these two numbers intersect on the grid is the winning square. You would continue this for the remaining three quarters, and possibly overtime, if a separate payout is configured.

Free Squares pools are a fun and interactive way of getting involved in the game, whether it is Monday Night football, a rivalry game, or the Super Bowl. Guests who aren't overly interested in the game will get excited at the prospect of winning money which will make them want to watch the game.


Source by Bill E Parsons