There are many instances when putting together different furniture pieces eventually make for a tacky design. This is the reason why so many home owners opt to buy matching sets instead of risking their own mix-and match design. However, some pieces are just so well crafted and exquisitely designed that they can be mixed with other furniture pieces, and the result could still be considered sophisticated at the same time. Hartman furniture pieces can certainly do that.

Hartman furniture pieces are primarily tables – exquisitely crafted tables that go well with almost any seating piece that can be paired with its dimensions.

Some of the bestselling Hartman furniture pieces include:

The Hartman stone top table. This table is made from highly polished black stone with an aluminum stand and concrete base. It is specially designed to hold both a Lazy Susan and an outdoor table parasol. Since the table top is made from stone, it is more resilient to cracks and scratches. This goes well with all types of matt-black outdoor sitting furniture or seating pieces made of stainless steel or aluminum. This table also comes in light colored stone and mosaic (or bronze) designs.

A more traditional version of the Hartman stone top table offers bronzed table legs instead of the aluminum stand on a concrete base.

The Hartman marble topped table. This wonderful piece of furniture is made of light brown marble, and can complement cane furniture or other light colored seating pieces. This piece too has an aluminum stand and concrete base; as well as room for a Lazy Susan and an outdoor parasol.

Source by Grant Glendinning