Who can ever say no to a crispy, tender, flavorful and mouth-watering Cuban pig roast? If you're planning for a backyard party this weekend, a perfectly roasted hog will truly make the event memorable. But do you know what will make the affair even more spectacular? An enjoyable menu that will compliment the star of the buffet! If you are in the blur and don't know what to cook, try these suggestions.

A. Sauces For The Hog Roast

1. Chimichurri Sauce

The chimichurri sauce is perfect not only for hog roasts but also for other types of grilled dishes. To make a delicious serving of this dip, simply combine red wine vinegar, fresh cilantro, cumin, olive oil, garlic cloves, salt, crushed red pepper and a puree of fresh Italian parsley.

2. Papaya Mango Salsa

To give your roast a kick, prepare a refreshing and light serving of papaya mango salsa. The tropical flavors will give your menu a delightful twist. Just dice some papaya and ripe mangoes. Combine the fruits with minced garlic, chopped red onions, cider vinegar, black pepper, salt, cilantro leaves and currants.

B. Side Dishes

1. Frijoles Colorados

Known to us as the popular Cuban red beans, this dish is a hearty soup that's made from the combination of rice, red kidney beans and ham. It's made even more flavorful with a number of spices such as cumin, oregano, red pepper, ground pepper, salt, onion and tomato sauce.

2. Calabaza a la Parilla

Veggies are also great side dishes for roast pig! Cut a butternut squash or calabaza into cubes or slices. Whisk some vinegar and virgin olive oil in a bowl and then drizzle it over the squash. Season with salt and pepper then roast them on the grill until they turn brown.

3. Papa Rellenas

If we love our Shepherd's pie, Cubans love their Papa Rellenas. These are stuffed and boiled potatoes that are also perfect for grilled dishes. To make this dish, you have to prepare the stuffing first. It's a combination of ground beef, garlic, onion and green pepper. The mixture should be flavored with pepper, cumin, salt and then mixed with vinegar and tomato paste.

4. Arroz Azafran

It's Arroz Azafran for the Cubans but we know this by the name of Saffron Rice. Instead of just cooking rice with water, it is cooked in a mixture of broth and saffron. When it's cooked, it will be transferred to a skillet and cooked over medium heat. To add flavor to the rice, you can add salt, garlic and onion, too.

C. Desserts

1. Chifles

The name may twist your tongue but actually, it's just fried plantains. These aren't sweet though because they're actually drizzled with salt instead of sugar. However, they're still considered as a delectable dessert by Cubans.

2. Helado de Coctel de Frutas

Tropical fruits will always be a part of a Cuban buffet. Helado de Coctel de Frutas is simply a combination of fruit cocktail, condensed milk and orangey soda. Most people actually compare this dessert to ice cream. The comparison is almost accurate but you should know that this treat is a little lighter.

3. Churros

Churros are cinnamon-flavored pastries that are paired or dipped in a rich chocolate sauce. I'm pretty sure that you are familiar with these because even malls have them!


Source by Diane Louise Villanueva