The successful business owner or manager must rethink marketing strategies during times of change. Implement new methods of reaching new markets and watch your sales figures grow.

The truth is that the business that thrives and survives is the one with a creative marketing plan designed to reach larger, untapped audiences. To reach out to newer audiences it is important that a marketing plan is well conceived and consistent.

Outdoor Advertising Helps Sell Cars and Real Estate

Well, what about the people who drive or walk by your business location or a property for sale everyday? In some cases, where businesses are on main thoroughfares, there are thousands of people passing by. Are they even aware you have something to sell? Outdoor advertising ideas are an effective method of tapping into this market.

A brilliant visual element — such as a brightly colored balloon — will draw the eye into the business space and tempt the passerby to engage. This causes a stronger focus on the actual product on sale, such as a car.

Over the last 25 years, the quality of balloons has improved greatly. The good news is that now, there are balloons specifically designed to weather the elements and provide outdoor advertising consistently and economically. All the business owner needs is a helium tank and some ribbon or rope to get started.

Searching for Creative Real Estate Advertising Ideas?

Real Estate advertising is traditionally an outdoor advertising market because the ‘for sale' sign figures prominently in the campaign. Yet, in a real estate market where there's a flood of signs a professional needs to make an extra effort for some attention. Balloons are a great way to distinguish one property from the rest on the market. For the savvy real estate professional that needs to make sure open houses are well attended, balloons with the imprint ‘open house' can be placed outside the property and along the route leading up to it for maximum exposure.

Create an Outdoor Real Estate Advertising Campaign

In a competitive real estate market, it is important that open houses are attended and commercial properties are visited and stand out among the rest. First, make a commitment of resources to finance an outdoor real estate advertising campaign. Then, commit funds to a balloon budget to get started. Consider using latex balloons for short-term events, such as an open house for a residence or commercial property. There are a variety of sizes in latex balloon and prices are very affordable, for $10-20 for 72 balloons (or less). Larger latex balloons between 3-6′ can be purchased individually ranging from $4-20 each. Logo imprints are pretty cost effective, too, at around .15-.32 for each balloon. For larger balloons the logo imprints may cost $2-$4 each. They are well worth it.

Car Dealer Promotion – Grab the Attention of the Passerby

Polyurethane Balloons are durable, colorful, and larger than the average balloon, with 7 foot spans and bigger. A car dealer looking for effective and economic advertising balloons will select these for their promotion. These eye-catching balloons are reusable. So long as the car dealer takes care in using them in safe weather, they can last a long time. Of course these polyurethane balloons are perfect for other types of promotions and special events too, and can be imprinted with logos.

Benefits of Outdoor Advertising for Car Dealer

The positive effects of outdoor advertising for a car dealer are enormous. Gaining the interest of a passerby that may even pass the location each day could be a huge benefit to any car dealer looking to improve their business. The larger polyurethane balloons will help to brand the company name in a less expensive manner than traditional means such as posters, mailers, newspaper advertisements or other methods. The fact that polyurethane balloons are reusable cuts down on the cost factor tremendously, and adds a great deal of value to the purchase of this type of balloon for consistent marketing.

Source by David Akins